Monster Exclusive Maps

Now, just to clarify, Im not saying this should happen, but just that it would be a cool idea. Thats why I put the category as monsters instead of suggestions. What if each monster had their own special maps that only they can be played on? For example, Behemoth could have Broken Hill Mine since its all close range and fits his style, Goliath could have Fusion Plant since he is good in many environments and Fusion Plant has many unique areas in one map, and I dont know what maps could go with Kraken and Wraith, but Kraken would probably have one thats very open and Wraith would have one with plenty of cover.


I had an idea kind of like this. I was thinking of maybe a new monster, small, about hunters height and in a closed compact indoor map, Like alien!
I think its a good idea, but the players are supposed to learn which map is good for each monster

Did you even read the beginning? I know this would be dumb if it actually happened, and that it would cause too many problems, but its just any interesting idea to think about. I swear, every time I post an idea people start freaking out about all the problems it would cause when its not even a suggestion.


Ah, sorry, :laughing:

So many things on the forums. I should read more next time…


It could work, if the monster could choose the map and monster without the hunters knowing, otherwise it would be like, its a behemoth map, torvaldcabot ftw

Wouldn’t it be boring though fighting the same monster on said map everytime!

Maybe they should make some new maps that favour certain monsters because most maps favour hunters

Wraith = Wraith Trap this would make sense

Thematically yes, but I hate Wraith trap as Wraith, it’s so open and flat, it’s a pain in the arse. Broken Hill Foundry is the way to go with Wraith, it has lots of tight corridors; ways to juke the hunters and opportunities to use her tightly controlled traversal to great effect, especially vertically.

That’s why I love Wraith on foundry, reminds me of the vents scene :smiley:

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If you give Goliath Fusion Plant without completely overhauling the relay there will be a lot of sad Goliaths.

I love Foundry as Goliath. So many small areas that he just commands control of as you cant escape him if you get in any of them. Also with all the corners the hunters never know if hes just waiting with a rock or a smash.

You never have a bad fight that starts with a successful rock throw from hiding behind a corner. They just have no time to set up.