Monster evolving question


Just a question but when you evolve (let’s say you became stage 2) do the hunters get a little marker showing where you evolved for a little while. (I played the big alpha and played as goliath or kraken the whole time so I wouldn’t know) because every time I evolved the hunters would immediately know where I evolved. BTW when I play I always stay in sneak mode so don’t say they followed my foot prints.


There is no marker - they were just really on your trail when you decided to go into cocoon. There really are no safe places on shear.

You gotta be really careful when and where you choose to evolve. Without the smell range perk, the hunters can close on you between the time you smell and the time you leave the cocoon undetected.


Thank you for that


As Takran said, no marker… although I believe you leave a scorch mark on the ground, showing where you evolved afterwards… So player’s may know they’re close to you if you just evolved moments ago.


I wondered this also. Just like you said I would always sneak and never leave a trail but sometimes the hunters would out of nowhere come rushing right to me as if they knew exactly where I was. I never saw anything to indicate that the monster was evolving or where it was when I was the hunter, but I didn’t know if I just missed it or didn’t know what to look for.

Can daisy somehow hear the monster when it’s evolving and lead the hunters to it? I know the monster makes extra noise while evolving so it’s possible I guess.


The hunters can hear you evolving, you let out a loud roar as you Evolve, which can draw nearby hunters to you if they’re paying attention.


This is probably what you are experiencing @scart101.

The roar (or weird sound the Kraken makes) is heard when you START evolving and it is quite loud, makes it very easy for hunters to know where you are. And they will head your way fast since you have no armor and they know you are vulnerable.


Also, sometimes you think you found a good hidey spot but I’m surprised how easy it was to ‘see’ a monster and ping them from 200+ meters. The roar is the biggest way they can see you. The lightning and fire breath after you evolve being the second.


Yeah, the fire breath is always noticeable for Goliath after he evolves, especially in the darker maps, like a beacon in the night.


Daisy follows the closest set of tracks within a set distance even if they are sneaking so she can tell you where the monster is when he’s evolving in a sense


Did you perhaps draw the hunters to you due to Harpies? Those little birds that come down sometimes while you are eating actually come up as “Birds alerted” on the hunter hud just like startling the groups of birds sitting on the ground do.

They will come down even if you sneak, the only way to avoid them is to eat inside caves as far as I know.

I know I found a bunch of monster because they were standing next to a corpse with Harpies while Evolving and I don’t think they realised they were basically standing on a massive ping.


I think your right. Every time I ate something those bird flew down. Didn’t know why at the time but that might have been the problem. Thank you.
If that being sad how do you get rid of them?


They have a random chance of appearing every time you eat, I think the chances of them appearing increase the more creatures you eat so if you eat a bunch of one meat snacks they are more likely to appear, and the opposite for four/three meat snacks. In addition I think you can kill them and they need to be seen by a hunter first to be displayed on th hub, unlike the startled birds


The Harpies can only be avoided in caves I think, other than that they will always come eventually.

They are actually there to make it so a monster can’t be so stealthy that the hunters have no chance of finding it. If you want to be stealthy you will evolve a lot slower, giving the hunters more time to find you. Its all risk reward.

This is my best dev post for explaining the mechanic that I can find, hopefully it will explain it better than I can.


Lads… You just played some good hunters is all lol. Smell isn’t good enough to evolve based off of just that. Before I evolve I always like to at least know where the hunters are and then do some mad hops and climbing for 30 seconds and you are goooooone. Never get caught evolving again lol.


No one mentioned that all sounds are directional. Good hunters will spin 360 to pinpoint the monster’s location when they evolve hence them running right to you. Sniff also makes a directional noise and the more you sniff the more it turns into a radar for the hunters. Evolving in a safe spot requires a few pieces of knowledge and you have to determine when the right time to take that chance is. You can sniff while charging up to evolve. If you see a health bar stop and move to a safer spot or ambush the hunters.