Monster ESC quit protection after patch? [Fix coming in 2.08]


I can’t press escape anymore after patch if im picked as monster.I guess that’s intentional?

Fortunately there is alt+f4.


I just turn off computer when i get monster unwanted.


I used to cut the power lines on the street but the other neighbors didnt like it so here i am


Did you try it more than once?
It could really drive people away .I’m gonna test it.


Yes i tried it like 10 times.Maybe its possible that alt tabbing until roles are picked has to do with it


not only that,i can not even pick character!!! I made video,back and escape does not work too

https://www. europoor/v/85893037


I got auto picked as abe,we won game :^)


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This is a known issue and will be fixed in 2.08.




Not sure when 2.08 is dropping, but unless it’s in days doesn’t this deserve a hotfix considering its impact on lobbies turning into actual games?


Trust me when I say we’d love nothing more than to get this fixed! That said, there’s a process we have to go through and rules we need to follow to release any build and this process does take time. The next patch should be next Tuesday/Wednesday, so please bear with us!


Uh…We are in a party of 4 and one of us got monster already. We couldn’t swap either. it was fun.