Monster Emoticons (WIP)


Been working up some designs for monster emoticons. I don’t really know how to create a REAL emoticon, but when these are completed you can save them to your computers, then use them as desired to add images to your posts.


You make a ton of cool stuff, have you thought about doing commissions or opening up a shop of some sort?


what would be cool is to attach this to the mouse icon. when u click it goes from normal to angry. hovering over somthing turns it into hungry. and loading is sad or evolving goliath.


I used to do many art projects on commission, big or small, clay modelling, painting miniatures for games, costuming, crafting wood standees for parties, or drawing character concepts (jack of all trades, heh)…but now I mainly stick to children’s book illustration or the occasional odd job like a mural or something for actual pay. I don’t make a very good agent or marketer for myself, never priced myself worthily, and my time in the art world at large wasn’t the greatest having to compete for every job. Very long hours, very little pay, so now I do artsy stuff either for books, myself, or people who appreciate it.


I’m finally starting up work again next week, so let me know if you ever decide to open up a shop of some kind, or start selling some things. I’d gladly buy a couple clay pieces or even drawings from you.


I love these! Your work always has so much personality to it. I can’t wait to see them complete!

I think for an emoticon for the forums you’ll want a 64x64 pixel image in a .png format. That’s what DamJess had me send in for those hunter/monster heads a while back.


Yes, it’s 64x64 size in a .png format. Would love seeing these! :smile:


Ok, I will give it a whirl. Right now they are roughly at 1X1 inch scale. I’ll color the Goliath head, shrink it to 64X64 pixels, and see how it goes. I may need to eliminate a few toothly details because that’s tiny!


Please do a kid’s Dr. Seuss style of Evolve. The Kracken was Smackin the Slackin hunters who eventually charred and blackened.


That sounds like a really cool idea. I never tried to do Dr. Seuss’ style before. I was thinking maybe doing something in the Style of Where the Wild Things Are too.


That would be equally cool.


I know right? I was kinda shocked how much detail was lost in the hunter’s faces when I shrunk them down. Somehow, when you use the image as an unzoomed emote, it looks like almost no detail is lost. I think it has to do with the resolution of the human eye.


You know…in game cutesy monster emoticons would probably be an interesting marketing thing to do with the twitch stream or with sponsored streamers.

If the game ever gets that big.


Like this?


more like pixel art smilies.


Just… Just… NO! It looks like a pokemon now! :scream: What has been seen here today shall never be unseen.