Monster element you want to see


What monster element do you want to see and why?


Frost and “darkness” because why not? :slight_smile:


I want to see acid and poison!!


What Battle style would they go with?


I want a poison one that’s play style is all about debuffing enemies and maybe also self buffing or just debuffing


I want to see a 5th Element.


Omg… Believe it or not, I was thinking about that too!! It would be awesome to see a monster like that.


I love Milla Jovovich! :heart_eyes:


If possible, weather could be cool





Lightining cause its cool


We will kill them with kindness


We already have that though


well you said which one i wanted to see, and i want to see lighting again :smirk: kraken needs a bro brah


Dark manifestations, shadows, death, and suffering. May as well have one of emotion/mind.

Shadow creatures that are in a shadow pool, that has hands coming out of the ground that drag the hunters to the ground. These hands aren’t real, but are a mental manifestation by the monster. He releases a mist, and when they breath it in, they are slowed by these hands they imagine are there. Mind over body and all. Playing literal mind games with the hunters.

Deaths Shadows that envelop the area, like the Supernova with the Wraith. Vision is blinded, and you breath in “death” so to speak. Much like poison.

Tendril of Suffering, the monster shoots a spike that deals heavy damage in a straight line. It can damage multiple hunters, and penetrate walls. Scaring the hunters, and working as a mind play tool. You can use smell to attack through walls, and then use it. It has a short forward spike effect, so it’s hard to hit. Much like a sniper round.

Shadow Crypt, summons an AoE area that blocks an area off. Trapping hunters for several seconds inside a box that deals damage as well. Point at a hunter, and use it.


I would like a death monster that is rotten and zombie like and can resurrect dead wildlife as slaves


…Even for you, buddy, that’s dark. :wink:


That makes no sense. Dead are weak, nothing would evolve to such extent. I can see them using parasites to control the dead though.


Sounds like life to me.


I don’t understand your second sentence. Also, dead arent necessarily weak, just usually