Monster Egg


Firstly, I want to say, I have been playing Evolve past few days and have found it to be a blast!

However, just one thing - I notice that the constant chasing early on in the game can get quite stale after some time. Then I had an idea pop in my head: why not introduce something like a ‘monster egg’ that spawns at a location where the hunters do not know at first. When the egg is destroyed, the monster is enraged and is unable to evolve until it incapacitates at least one player.

This alters the dynamics a little - The hunters may either choose to hunt for the egg or go straight for the monster. Successful attempt at destroying the egg forces engagement and the monster cannot just go full stealth mode all game and might want to choose to appear for a short while to lure the hunters away from its egg. Of course this is just a rough idea but what do you think of such an addition?


Sounds too game changing and forces one style of play.

Hunters have more than enough tools to track down the monster, the most important of which are Sight & Sound, I have even prompted some of my teams into splitting off into groups of 2, usually Medic with Trapper, Assault with Support so each pair have some protection through stealth or healing, or even use of CC and retreating through damage (mines/grenades/orbital/sentries). You then have Hunter specific tools, such as Sound Spikes, UAV, Traps, Mines, Sentries, etc.

You then have the environment to give you signs that the monster has been around, the main one being ‘birds’ or carrion birds flocking to a fresh kill, steamadon vapors, spotter shrieks, running albino/rare creatures etc.

So I think there are plenty of ways to find the Monster, some require more game experience than others, but thats half the fun of it, isnt it?

Would be kind of lame if the monster was always FORCED to attack before Stage 3 evolution and having to destroy the relay, dont you think?


Hm, not really.

The location of the egg is not initially known so if the hunters want to go for the egg instead, they’ll have to find it. And if they do choose to go for the egg, then they’re giving time to the monster to evolve. Keep in mind that the egg does not need to be fragile, it can be somewhat durable and when it is under attack, maybe a notification can appear for the monster so that it can react accordingly (call it parental instinct or whatever).

And regarding being too ‘one-styled’ - In fact I would argue the otherwise, it provides more ways to play the game than the current gameplay where all the hunters could do is chase a single target non-stop. It also gives a reason for the monster not to abuse sneaking, as hunters would probably prefer to directly engage the monster if they are alerted to its presence. Why spend the time to break an egg and potentially give the monster time to evolve then force it to fight you when you can just trap it with the dome and force the fight now.


But youre swapping Skill based tracking for just plain Luck then?

Why would you search for the egg, when you can search for the monster? Adding the egg to the game just means that groups will still search for the Monster, and if they happen to come across the egg they will just think “oh happy day, we found the egg, now the monster HAS to fight us”… how would you feel if you were playing the monster, you were succesfully evading the Hunters and then suddenly you cant evolve because the hunters got lucky?

Personally I’d feel pretty ripped off if I lost because of ‘Luck’.

EDIT: As a side note, I dont think the idea is completely terrible, but you would need to add a benefit to the monster finding the egg as well then, otherwise it becomes stacked heavily against the monster if its only beneficial to one side.


Perhaps you feel it is very luck based but that is probably because you imagine the egg to be rather fragile.

And that is why I say the egg must be durable. If you chanced upon it while chasing - do you want to continue to chase the monster or do you want to spend some time to destroy the egg? As the monster, if you see the hunters finding the egg and giving up the chase on you, you know that it is time to capitalize on it and eat as much as you can and evolve now. Maybe even add a buff (+10% damage, buff adjustable) to the monster when the egg is destroyed, giving a risk to the hunters when considering the options.

Why search for the egg instead of the monster? Because the egg doesn’t move, while the monster moves constantly. But looking for the egg also means you are giving less pressure to the monster - which is a good thing for the monster because a monster that is not being hunted is one that evolves the fastest. Add that to the buff i mentioned earlier and your choice of attacking the egg or not becomes consequential.

What I am suggesting is not to nerf the monster, but to offer more variety of gameplay choices.


It’s an interesting idea but I think it could be too crippling to a stage 1 monster or a newer monster player.

I like the idea of some kind of secondary objective for the monster/hunters at some point but it would have to be done carefully.


What if the monster sees where the egg is right from the start?

This way it’s up to the monster to stay clear to prevent the hunters from happening to come across the egg. Maybe get ready to evolve to S3, then lure them to the egg and evolve while they are killing it (they will be busy, and if the buff idea is used you’ll get a nice buff to go along with it)

If done right, this idea can bring a whole new level of strategy to the game. Maybe it could be a separate game mode if we work it out some more.



Oh wow, didn’t know there are such things in the works! I wonder how it’ll be like though, since my idea was originally to bring a bit more dynamics to the current game than to be a seperate game mode by itself.


" I notice that the constant chasing early on in the game can get quite stale after some time."

Easy, dome get a good trapper and dome him. Early game fights are the most fun and panicky for both monsters and hunters.


I’d be for this idea, it means the monster has an incentive not to just stealth feed until stage 3. You could go a whole game until that point never catching a glimpse bar a carcass at an intersection and purely guessing where to go, particularly if you don’t have Daisy. The monster can just abuse the sound spikes too easily on multi-tiered areas of the map.