Monster eating humans?


Just wanna ask, does it happen?


yes. not sure if its a full animation but you can eat hunters for quite the amount of xp and thier bodies cnt be revived


The player monster can eat humans yes.

If you mean the wildlife, I think they only eat the humans if it’s part of how they kill them. Like the Tyrant swallows you whole or the megamouth eats you.

Not sure though if like a pack of reavers comes across a dead human if they will eat the human or not.


I meant like just the pc’s


Yes the monster eats hunters, but I’d actually like to know if a dune beetle would eat them as well.


Nice question that would worth an answer !..


Both monsters and wildlife can eat the hunters just like any other wildlife corpse.

In fact I was playing as Lazarus once and our assault player went down in a cavern. My team had just drawn the monster off of the dead body and I ran all the way around to get over to the body, but just as I saw the body, a reaver was eating the body and it decomposed before I could revive it! I was so bummed, but could not help but laugh. All that effort to draw the monster off and sneak over to the body, just to be foiled by some mutant monkey.