Monster dying animation to soon?


I’m watching a lot of @MaddCow videos right now and everytime the hunters win the monster only like “kind” of dies? You never really get to see it hit the ground and thud. its a small complaint but I feel like really watching the monster die makes it more satisfying and visually appealing after a long match.


Don’t think it thuds Sort of just softly falls


As softly as Goliath can fall. Like a leaf in the wind.


Oddly enough I thought there’d be am epic roar and an earth shattering thud like a special animation.


Sometimes he will have a final roar and a vague swipe with his hands, other times he seems to just drop like a bag of bricks.


Yea I agree. The hunter wins are sadly kind of anti-climatic. Really wish the monster death could be more dramatic and it would give the hunters more satisfaction in their victory.


Yeah, i think I agree on this.

Granted, the monsters have a variety of death animations.

Goliath dying mid-rockthrow will ofcourse harmlessly drop the rock beside them as they fall, granted.




Man, good think you used the spoiler, wouldn’t want anybody to see this!


I liked it in the Alpha, where when you killed the monster, it just dropped rag doll style. And you could continue to shoot it’s dead body. Is that going to be put back in full release by chance?


How about we leave the animation as it is.But just like the Monster gets a epic victory scene,the hunters,instead of showing a ship flying away,We could have them taking selfies with the dead monster.

Or is it too much?


I agree, I always found it jarring how quickly the round-end cutscene began once you killed the monster. I kinda wish it waited a second for the monster to go down rather than he flail for a second then…we’re flying away…


is this a big enough concern to put a poll out there? and yeah every match when the monster died the game was like yeah yeah congrats… now get back in the dropship


I’m saying this since the alpha, but it never got changed, the victory is unsatisfying because you don’t even get to see the monster crawl dying, you just get back in the airship and get out, that’s not really fun nor a way to celebrate a win in a fight to the death if you ask me. :sweat:


@MacMan have you guys thought about this at all? just like 3 extra seconds would be satisfying. the drop ship just comes in to quick and kills the vibe.


It’s something we might be able to do in the future but currently the death animations transition to ragdoll poorly and it looks bad. So extending the timer currently would make it look worse. We would need to revisit the death animations and try to find another solution.


I think they should just explode, like a pinata, but full of blood.


Considering Maggie’s statement about there being another million or 2, I’m not surprised


We need the Hunters to line up and do a victory animation like Final Fantasy. With the Final Fantasy Fanfare music.


scripted animation with panning camera where monster dies?

Maybe something like this?
Warning(?): gore