Monster Doesn't 'Really' Get to Vote In Evacuation + Voting Bias


Think about it, it’s 4v1… If the Monster wants a round of Hunt but more than 1 Hunter wants Nest, well, too bad…

And there is a bias in this, since by day 2, be it Nest or Rescue and the hunters win, they’ll just pick Nest or whatever mode they won on day 2. Hardly seems fair…


It really is unfair. I tell my team to vote for the map/gamemode that we will most benefit from with our win map effect or mp effect that will least effect us if we lost.


Nest is down to a science at this point, What we need is another game mode and more maps.


Yeah that’s understandable… It’s just when Hunters exploit the Monster player’s weak mode by spam voting it as soon as it shows up… Which is what I’ve just witnessed a few minutes ago, which is why I came and posted about it… (From the Monster’s POV)

I was Playing Nest and there was a severe lack of wildlife in the snowy area of Aviary, by the time I was stage 2 they had destroyed all the eggs and I only had a minion which was singled out almost instantly… After that we went into Hunt mode and I won (As the Monster)… Then Day 4 came around and they all jumped on Nest…

But because there was 3 of them voting on it I had no say at all in the matter…


Yea that’s not fun. Luckily I’m proficient in all of the gamemodes. If you want I can tell you my roll-outs as Goliath with each gamemode. (#Elite status on that guy)

In nest, 2 Leap, 1 Charge right off the bat with the feeding perk (You want to eat wildlife as fast as possible to get to stage two, those abilities also double as movement to help find wildlife). I get to Stage 2 before they can take out the second egg. Once I stage up I dump them all into Fire breath and go hatch an egg and go to town.


Yeah, I play quite a lot of Nest on Solo vs bots, I usually get to stage 3 by the time they’ve destroyed 3 eggs, then I hatch and kill them…

So I though Ho Hum, lets try PVP Nest… Yeah, wasn’t really the game I was expecting since there was barely any wildlife anywhere and I was left to run around like a headless chicken until the destroyed the last egg, which I hatched as a last effort.


Proud to say I’m joining another Elite Goliath, we seem to be a rarity at the minute with all these Wraiths…

I do 2 Fire Breathe and 1 charge in every gamemode, mainly to kill wildlife early and take the damage resist perk, unless it’s nest or rescue then I choose feeding speed to stage up quickly… In every gamemode I usually try to aim for Stage 3, 3 Flame Breathe 2 Charge, 2Rock Throw and 2 Leap Smash, evens stuff out plus Flame Breathe I find to be Goliath’s main ability to begin with…

Though I mainly play skirmish, this was just me testing Evac…


Same, flame breath is my bread and butter as Goliath. Every gamemode I switch it up, to take advantage of each scenario. I also pick up that damage resistance perk.

Stage 3 I normally don’t go for. All I need to do is get to Stage 2 and I then proceed to attack the hunters. I put down penalties all across the field. I usually can end it right there but I started doing some shit where I go to Stage 3 for the hell of it. Stage 3 is basically overkill in my sense; no way the hunters can recover from it (Not bragging either, I keep coming back as Stage 2 until I have a down penalty on everyone (I will back off to Stage 3 if my health is begging for it though), I dis-engage when no armor and come back. Almost all the time I fight with wildlife, normally a Tyrant because they focus on killing Hunters.

I also main Skirmish. #Elite Goliath Bros.

We need to make the Elite Goliath club.


That’s why I go for Stage three though, especially vs the tier 3 hunters… If the Team is the whole gang (Caira, Cabot, Abe and Parnell) I like to make it hard on them, purely because I do believe that group is seriously overpowered. It guarantees the win…

Elite Goliath Club 10/10 Would Fund…


Voting is unfair. and if you stomp them as the monster the hunters can leave and you lose all progress for extra xp.


Really? I haven’t played much Evac, I usually play Skirmish… But this almost seems broken…


I have seen some people suggest that the losing side selects the next map…that seems like it would be fair.


Yeah that would be the way forward actually… Didn’t think of that myself… :smile:


i usually play skrimish too im proficent in hunt but can play the other game modes pretty much with similar skill. i played one evac though when i was 35 and stompped the crap out of a team
they all left at day 4 after i won every match 2k colinists dead and they all left at the same time. it just put me in a game in progress afterwards.


i just dont vote until the last second as monster


Actually I find the opposite as Monster. Usually if you dump your vote immediately someone else follows suit and then you have the game. In pugs though not premades…


Agreed, loser should select next map/mode.


what science is this? never lost a nest map before. i win at stage one.


Yeah thats understandable, but it doesnt always play out like that… If the Hunters find the Monsters weakness they will vote the majority on the mode for a easy win… The monster only gets one vote vs 4 hunter votes is my point.


Yes, you’re right. And with the way the voting is, the monster’s vote only counts in a split vote from the hunters. If 3/4 hunters know what they want, you can’t change anything.