Monster dead without hunters


So today I had a match I’m pretty sure had a hacker on the team.
I got put as trapper down from monster/medic and had a laz with 10 streak, Cabot was 8 me with something and against a high level meaty and a low level assault.
Anyway I hit scanner after using my jetpack to boost and get the hunters killed the monster win, not an abandon.
So I wondered is it possible for the monster to die that fast by wildlife? Or did I just come across a hacker on the team?


This can either be a Hacker who killed the Monster outright or the Monster could’ve just ran out of bounds and killed themselves. So yes; it is possible for them to die that fast.


So this was AFTER the drop ship dropped you? What monster was it?


That’s just silly.


Why. It happens. Hackers can straight up kill the Monster without even seeing it. They can literally just kill it on command.

How is that silly.


Cuz it make no sense hackers don’t kill anything outright. That’s all


Default keybinds:
click F8 - Remotely instant kill enemy

Yeah silly but still…It is the real thing and should be reported when you see It.
Current anti cheat did half decent job at banning cheaters. I m hungry for more bans tho! Many more!


I know man. Have you seen the hack as the monsters beating you down the screen shakes and monster dies? I reported a couple with hard evidence.


Hmmm… you mean someone killed you with bounce? That is indeed cheat but not reportable one.
But seriously,no i did not encounter something so specific.


No I was being beat to death by kraken then my screen shook everytime he hit and he died not me.


It was meaty I don’t see him going out of bounds but maybe… I never had record on because I need to reset up my to record again


Believe it, have seen this at least 20 times. Not recently admittedly but its a very real hack.


I know its real I was just saying hacking to kill a monster and killing it outright are not the same.


I dont get it, whats the difference? Unless you mean hacking with extra damage so monster dies quicker as opposed to instakill?

You said hackers dont kill anything outright and I can assure you they do.


Doesn’t the word outright mean fairly?


Scratch that. That’s not the meaning.