Monster damaging generator Q


I was just in a game playing the Kraken, got to stage 3 and doing very well. When it came down close to the wire I made my move when I downed 3 of the 4 players and headed to tear the Generator. Damage was steadily being taken with attacks until it got to a sliver of health left on the Generator. It then stopped taking damage as soon as I was being shot.

Is this a glitch or can the Generator only take damage when the monster is clear from all hunter attacks?


yeah, its an intended thing for hunt. If any hunters shoot you you won’t be able to destroy the generator


yep, you’re right. It’s no glitch, taking hunter damage prevents you from damaging the generator


Ahhhh thanks guys.
Damn I wish these games had a Rules query built into the game menu.

I was totally WTF at the moment!

Side note, I’m looking for a gaming group. I have a mic and can play any class. xbox one GT: turntosideb


PC only :grin: Me no X-bone


All good, I thought xbox and pc microsoft shared the player pool for this game no?