Monster controls are so clunky, Multiple keyboard bind inputs


People have talked about how much more fluid playing monster with a controller is due to the buttons being set up and easy customization, leaving monster play on PC somewhat clunky due to the way the default keyboard setups are layed.

This is especial noticeable when playing monsters like that have ability setups that function very drastically and how well they chains. Example Wraith and Bob have very similar ability lineups but contrasts awkwardly against Kraken and Goliath, Miley is in her own special league.
This makes certain skills that allow the monster to move while holding them, unmovable meaning they just stand there when they can move around or something example Leap Smash and Lava Bomb,

#About a month or two ago

I binding all my monster abilities to my mouse’s extra buttons, and noticed an amazing improvement in my maneuverability and how smooth chaining my abilities has become. I was able to aim and hold my abilities off while still being able to move freely around the battlefield.

But being how differently every monster plays, there were limitations as to how well this worked out for some of the monsters. What with how different each monster plays in Evolve.

#Which is why I’m proposing double input binds

Not just because I think it be awesome and because most modern shooters do this, but because it can benefit not just one or two monster play but also all of the monster and hunters alike.

"Alternate" keybindings

Why doesn’t anyone care about this. :sob: