Monster contest?


I know this may be a little way too early but maybe TRS can put on a monster creation contest? The winner gets to have his monster DLC’d into the game! Maybe updates/input on balancing and testing? Your cult following has already came up with many intriguing monsters. would be a cool idea!


Everyone knows that the best monster in the universe is the xenomorph. Idk of too many creatures that can kill you after it’s dead


Agreed agreed agreed. I’m a huge alien fan


Same here, shame that Isolation would make me sh*t my pants if I tried it lmao


Oh I’m definitely buying that. I just hope it really lives up to the hype and is as scary as it looks, love a good fright every now and again


someone had a really cool broodmother idea. u jus sit back and do ranged attacks while your little underlings cause havoc. i have no idea what id make my monster. first thing that pops to mind is DBZ Cell/kid buu . just sounds kool to be monsterly then have a sephiroth/wesker/dbz final form. dashing through everyone.


I have a couple of ideas in my head just in case of a competition like this, just not gonna share them in case someone steals them :stuck_out_tongue:


I to would love this idea. Though it seems like a stretch. But people can dream can’t they? Though I am quite ok with making a design that will never be used, creation is a thing I enjoy more then anything.

We could always do it regardless of whether or not it gets in the game and trust that if it is game worthy it will make it. The contest idea that is.


Thats a really good idea, although I’d prefer monsters that weren’t taken STRAIGHT from films or other games, it’d break the immersion a bit if you saw a Xenomorph or a Godzilla stomping about in the Evolve universe.
Wouldn’t say no to Evolve themed (e.g alien red design etc) monsters that were based off movie monsters.
A Shear themed Kong would be right up my alley.


Well they’ve said the Goliath is a mix of KK and Godzilla


The best we can do is give them a cool idea that spurs them to make a monster themselves. Even with Goliath, its a product of many, many iterations before it got where it is today. Its unlikely that our idea will be added into the game as is, but if we can motivate the devs to start making a certain kind of monster, then great!


I feel like once we see the other monsters and get an idea of how much they vary it’ll be easier to come up with ideas that could actually be used in the game


As long as the entries adhered to design guidelines that TR follows for their monsters (3 stages, 4 abilities, etc) yea that’d be awesome. I just remember in L4D people would always come up with ideas for new Special Infected that were crazy strong and had tons of abilities instead of trying to submit ideas that adhere to the design guidelines for all existing Special Infected.

Otherwise, this would be very cool. If we get mod support for this game, we might be able to have custom community monsters as well. Who knows?

@Plaff is right too, once we see another monster, we’ll get a better idea for the design guidelines I was talking about that TR are following for their monsters. Whenever I imagine the other monsters and what they could be, it’s kind of hard to guess how much variation there is going to be, especially after the new hunters are shown to be quite a bit different and they have class archetypes to adhere to.


If I remember correctly, in L4D the charger and jockey were ideas presented to the devs by players. The details of the special infected were probably completely overpowered, but they were cool ideas with good reasoning behind them.

So I wouldn’t too much about the nitty gritty details and whether or not its overpowered, because the devs will have to alter the details in the end anyway, and something can be turned overpowered into underpowered with a change of a single value. I’d focus on the broad strokes. It first HAS to be a cool idea with a solid vision on what the monster is and how it will be played. For Goliath, they eventually setteled on a hybrid of King Kong and Godzilla and it plays very similar to the tank in L4D. Once you have that you can hammer out the details as you go.