Monster Concepts


In the latest official evolve video, we saw a preview for the next video going into how monsters were designed. We get glimpses and are told while they were cool you ‘Couldn’t tell what the hell you were looking at’. Since these won’t be in the game, will the art ever be released? It looks really awesome!


They have released some of their concept art in this thread


I personally think their idea of a tree like monster being scrapped was a bad idea. Imagine a monster that can blend in with the trees ever so slightly as a mechanic, and one of its attacks was punching into the ground and sending shrapnel out a certain amount of metres around it. And one of its other mechanics was vines that slow down the hunters, it doesn’t have to completely make them immobile because that’s annoying in video games but it could be vines that come out of the ground and grab the hunters slowing their movement so the monster can attack or run away. Idk, the monster sounded awesome and would look awesome