Monster Concept - Windigo


i’m not sure if this is where i leave a concept idea for a Monster.
i have an idea for a Monster.

Name: Windigo.
Health: 12% more Health than Goliath.
Armor: 9% more than Goliath.
Specialty: an Ice monster that has several Crowed Control & Debuff’s for the Hunters.
Appearance: the Windigo is a very light skin monster that is as big as Goliath but a little more fatter, his arms & legs are positioned like how a gorilla walks. it’s hands are 4-digit that are pretty thick with large claws, his head looks like a bear but the lower portion of the jaw is more bulkier, this monster has small patches of white fur on its neck, back, shoulders & mid-way down its arms.

Windigo’s Abilities:
1st Ability: Frost Wave.
Range: the length of Goliath’s Fire Breath.
Cool Down: 11 seconds.
Description: Windigo releases a burst of freezing cold air in a wide-cone in the direction that it is facing, if it hits a Hunter it will deal minimal damage & will Blind the Hunters vision for 2 seconds.

2nd Ability: Snowy Plateau.
Range: Self-Use.
Cool Down: 27 seconds.
Description: the Windigo generates cold air within its body then quickly releases it creating snow from the water in the air, the snow will cover a large area around Windigo that will deal minimal damage to all Hunters in the radius at the time of the activation. the snow will linger on the map for 5 seconds & will show where Hunters are within it while reducing their Movement Speed.

3rd Ability: Cold Front.
Range: Self-Use.
Cool Down: 22 seconds.
Description: the Windigo will continuously generate freezing cold air within a semi-large radius around itself for 4 seconds, Hunters that are within this freezing air will have their jet-packs recharge & movement speed reduced while also reducing the fire rate of any Hunters weapons.

4th Ability: Avalanche.
Range: the length of Kraken’s Vortex.
Cool Down: 42 seconds.
Description: Windigo will aim in a direction then upon activation the Windigo will release a surge of ice energy in the chosen direction creating this rush of snow, if this surge of snow hits a Hunter it will deal massive damage & will Freeze the Hunter for 2 seconds. this works on Cloaked Hunters as well revealing them.


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