Monster Concept: Talos & Manticore (WIP)


So, I was thinking with a friend about making a concept of a monster (stats, drawings, etc.), and I thought of one and we both developed another one. I tried to find good names, keeping them mythological based, but finding one for metal was a bit hard.

Talos ~ Element: Metal/Technology
A strong mighty creature modified with human technology made to help fight the Goliath and Kraken…but like all situations like this, it escaped and out on the run (basically a Predator Monster).

Basic Attack: A hard hitting attack to help crush the hunters that gets in his way.

Ability 1 ~ Iron Fist: Does TONS of damage and heavy knock back in a slash area surrounding Talos. Similar to the Goliath’s smash, but does more damage and deploys faster.

Ability 2 ~ Shoulder-Mounted Mortar: A shoulder-mounted modified Mk 1. Napalm Grenade Launcher, rain death from a distance. Does high damage, but can be hard to aim, and very risky to fire it at close range/in a cave.

Ability 3 ~ WIP

Ability 4 ~ WIP

Manticore ~ Element: Poison/Venom
The smartest creature on Shear. Uses poison and venom not only to hunt its prey, but to turn the environment against them…

Basic Attack: An attack with acid-covered claws and tail. Does more damage against shields as it melts through it.

Ability 1 ~ WIP

Ability 2 ~ Hallucination Venom: A poison used for messing with the victim’s brain. On wildlife, it will make the Manticore look like its own, giving the Manticore a minion that will fight for him along as he lives.

Not only can this be used on wildlife, but hunters as well! The human brain is stronger so it won’t ally him, but it will mess with em! It will make the hunter hear random monster noises from random places, show a ‘fake’ monster to confuse the hunter, making it harder to see whats a mirage, and whats lurking in the shadow…

Ability 3 ~ WIP

Ability 4 ~ Acid Mine: An stationary wide-like range mine thats a mix of the Banshee Mines and Markov’s mines. Can be spat during battle as grenades, or placed to cover the exit, make a trap or a distraction. Does acid damage for a short amount of time, and possibly slows them (depends on lvl)

I’ll be editing this with some more work done, and maybe some drawings of the monsters.


Not a fan of robotic Monsters, you’re fighting an invasive alien species and then you have a Megazord creature shooting mortars and has a leap smash, but faster and more powerful already makes one of the Goliath’s skills inferior. As much as I hate bringing out the generic dev excuse they don’t plan to add any sort of technological entities since it doesn’t fit the backstory (and it’s awkward that you’re fighting machines all of a sudden gg skynet).

I like the concept of a poison monster, but the skills look weak. The Hallucination is a knock off of Decoy from the Wraith and Acid Mines rely solely on surprise and ambushes to trigger on Hunters, in an actual fire fight this thing won’t see much action because they don’t seek out their targets and are stationary.


I see the how the robotic type monster isn’t the best, and I was even thinking that it was kinda being a goliath Mk.2…

For the poison monster, I guess the Hallucination is a bit like decoy, but at high levels (like stage 3 ability 3) it can gain assistance from something like a sloth, a nomad or even a Tyrant (these would eventually leave though). Plus, it would also change the environment, like making man-eating plants look like bushes, having other creatures look like mini Manticore, and perhaps even having the hunter mistake the monster as another big creature roaming around. As for the Acid Mines, I was thinking of changing them into bombs. Once it hits impact near any entity, it would explode similar to the toxic grenades, just more damage. It would also have a larger trigger range than the banshee mines.

Their WIP though, so thanks for the comments! Perhaps I’ll edit the robotic type creature to be a little more metallic (like steel back spines he can shoot out all around him?)