Monster Concept: Taking Evolution Further - The Chimera


The Chimera

The most dangerous enemy is the one that can change to meet any situation. Chimera is the most adaptive monster ever found on the surface of shear. It can alter its own biological structure to match its needs. Don’t think for a second that the same strategy will work twice on this monster. If you can fool it once, kill it, you won’t get a second chance, this monster learns from past interactions and will adapt accordingly for its next confrontation.
Appearance (Custom)

The Chimera unhinges both jaws letting them flap and snap around loosely on tendons as it lunges forward to take repeated chomps out of its prey.

The Chimera walks forward on four legs like a spider centaur, it’s arms swing in short forward facing arcs, elbows perpetually bent, in its normal gait.

The Chimera lifts it’s front legs and folds them to its chest/ underbelly. It sinks its hand claws into the wall and moves it’s back legs kind of like a spider.

The Chimera lowers it’s torso and bends it front legs lower to get closer to the ground, which causes it’s back legs to bend higher into the air. It holds its arms bent, close to its chest and occasionally uses them to crawl forward.

Sneak Attack/ Pounce
The Chimera leans far back on its hind legs bunching them up, leaving its front lets splayed forward. It’s arms are ready at its sides, elbows back, claws opened forward. Then it springs forward back legs extended back, front legs swing back but then angle forward, and the arms reach out to grab its prey.

Basic Attacks
Quick downward and sideways swipes, forward jabs, and uppercut slashes. Heavier attacks are lunging bites, and lifting up on its hind legs and smashing its front legs down, downward double slams and double uppercut slashes.
Traversal - Vibrate: The Chimera begins to violently vibrate on its four legs, first slowly and then ramping up to high speeds causing it to blur in and out of vision and gain triple it’s move speed. When entering a command for the monster to turn, it will instead dash to the side while still facing forward. Entering a command to move back will cause the monster to instantly turn around and dash forward. Vibrate uses a single stamina bar that slowly depletes. It can still climb while Vibrating at a slower rate, but sneaking will cancel Vibrate. When using Vibrate, it doesn’t leave foot prints, but it will cause scraps of the Chimera’s skin to fall off at random points.

Each ability allows the Chimera to adapt to specific situations to give it the edge.


The Chimera takes a bite out of its prey
The Chimera unhinges it’s lower jaw and lunges forward a short distance to take a bite out of its target dealing huge damage and reducing healing from all sources to a hunter for a short duration.
Rank ups increase damage and range.


Shedding its skin creates a smokescreen
The Chimera quickly sheds it’s skin, tearing it off, leaving a thick cloud of slivers and shreds that covers a moderate area. Nothing outside can see inside, inside vision is reduced to 4m.
Rank ups increase AoE radius and decrease vision range.


The Chimera creates temporary armor
The Chimera secrets a thick liquid from its pores that quickly hardens, temporarily adding an bonus bar of armor to its current armor.
Rank ups increase armor granted and duration.

Adapt 1

The Chimera gains stronger abilities
The Chimera adapts to the situation, augmenting the next ability used with bonus effects.
Rank ups increase effects granted
Devour 1: Instantly consumes 1 meat
Devour 2: Reduces heals for increased time
Devour 3: Grants bonus range. The Chimera can detach it jaws and launch them at a target at range. On contact it will knock the target back the remaining range. If the target hits a wall they will be pinned for 2 sec. Allied Hunters can free the pinned hunter by shooting the jaws.

Shed 1: Doubled duration
Shed 2: Allows the Chimera to always smell all targets inside
Shed 3: Initially deals damage in a small area around it as it rips the skin off in a clawing frenzy

Petrify 1: Reduces headshot damage
Petrify 2: Initial activation covers hunter weak points
Petrify 3: Any harpoons that hit while the ability is active, if it moves out of range will break off, but leave a weak point. Increases the occurrence of heavy melee attacks.

Vibrate 1: Increases MS, weakens slows.
Vibrate 2: Causes 10% of hunter and wildlife attacks to miss.
Vibrate 3: Grants bonus melee attack damage and attack speed.
The Chimera was designed to brawl it out dealing high amounts of damage and crippling hunters when it can with Devour and tanking with Petrify when it needs to. The Chimers needs to get in close so it can duke it out, and Vibrate gives it all the speed it needs to get up close and personal with whoever it wants, while providing skirmishing power to dodge a bit of damage if it needs to, so it is quite agile. Shed really puts it in it’s element though. It can dash all around the smokescreen in and out from target to target to surprise and discombobulate the hunters and provide windows of opportunity and pin hunters down.

Devour is best used on Hunters with low health, or downed hunters when healing is most important to them. It is not as effective on an Assault class that has their personal shield up.
Devour becomes a great team splitting ability when Adapted, use it on the Assault to knock them out of the fight for a while, or use it to pin a straggling Hunter down to finish them off with melee attacks.
While Devour does open up space for hit a run tactics, which works especially well when paired with Shed to cover an escape after dashing in, it is much better idea to capitalize on the hunters health weakness rather than run right after and let them heal back up.

Use Shed to start fights and give yourself a vision advantage, or use it to escape. Shed still reduces your vision, but it doesn’t matter because you can smell.
Using Shed in conjunction with Vibrate can really trip the hunters out, with visibility already lowered, the blurring effect of Vibrate will make it harder for the hunters to see you coming (or going). Shed is a great ability for covering tracks, and doubling back.
You can use it to lure hunters into your domain at the beginning of a fight. If they enter you can just leave right out and leave some obvious tracks, then sneak around to the opposite side and surprise the hunters from the back.
You can use Adapt on Devour to get a surprise knock back and maybe a wall pin through the smokescreen.
Since nothing outside the smokescreen can see inside that gives you an huge advantage for opportunities like sneak pounces, and using Devour, or Adapted Devour on hunters outside the smokescreen.
Once you use Adapt on Shed the smokescreen becomes your domain, you will know where any hunter and wildlife is inside, whereas nothing will know where you are. Not even cloaks or Slim’s Spore Cloud can deny you.

While Petrify can be used to bolster your armor pool at the beginning of a fight, or for clutch saves when you are about to die, it will not make you invincible. Either use it right away if you know that you can win a fight to save health, or save it for insurance. Keep in mind that Petrify will eventually wear off.
If you know that some hunter will be using harpoons activate Petrify as soon as you enter a fight. If a hunter manages to get a harpoon in you before Petrify is activated walking away will not pull the harpoon out. On the other hand being able to ignore harpoons is very nice, but it will leave a weak spot so beware.
If you can, wait until the hunters have gotten a lot of weak spots on you before activating Petrify. It will cover all the weak spots made, but it won’t stop more from being made even when you have the extra armor, but it is better to make the hunters start their work all over again.

Using Adapt will provide a huge power boost for a short amount of time depending on the ability. But once it is used you ability will go back to normal, use Adapt carefully and pick the ability that you want strengthen based on the situation, and what hunters you might have to fight.
Adapt is definitely an ability that you want 3 points in, the first two points will add small bonus effects to each ability, but the 3rd point will make an ability a game changer.

Inspiration, and Design Philosophy and Rationale
This monster was created to give a whole new meaning the the word evolve, a new meaning to play a monster that evolves. Each ability covers a basic need for the monster. And while they can help the monster do what it want to do, on their own these abilities are nothing much to hoot about. That is where Adapt comes in. The monster literally evolves one of its abilities on the spot into a stronger form adapting to whatever the situation calls for. So instead of waiting to eat to evolve once in a while a max of three times, this monster can constantly adapt to the flow of the hunt.

The Chimera is like a jack of all trades and a master of none, but when you activate Adapt it allows it to become a master of one for a short period giving it a strong boost of power right where it is needed when it is needed. Activate Adapt on the wrong ability at the wrong time could leave the Chimera a sitting duck where it could have dominated. Because its abilities are based around giving it the extra stats that it needs to survive, it really makes it a utility based monster in terms of its abilities, each ability covers a certain area, so it’s main source of damage is its melee attacks and it’s abilities give it the edge so it can stay in the thick of it to keep duking it out.