Monster Concept- Shardmind



The Shardmind is humanoid in appearance with it’s body made from deep red crystal shards(The idea came from Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition race) it can deform and reform its shape to allow maneuverability or to be a damaging vessel. It’s eyes and sharp, crystalline tooth filled mouth generate a red, smoking heat, the effect of burning flesh inside it reforming its crystalline body. One of it’s arms is a long, sharp blade.(It’s cliche, but sword arms? Can’t say no to it).

The Shardmind is, in my mind, a bit like Optimus prime made out of glass. He has low health, but is balanced out by it’s damaging moves and it’s maneuverable second form to escape from battle. In a MOBA, picture him as an assassin type role.


The Shardmind forms itself into a snakey whirlwind of shards and becomes quicker(Picture a red ice wraith from skyrim). No attacks can be made in this form and it only lasts for roughly 20 seconds(not too sure on this time). The Shardmind can pass through players to slightly damage them. The Shardmind also becomes harder to hit thus making this ability a quick getaway and track loser(maybe shredded flora and dirt can give a track though. To a keen eye). Damage increases with evolution stages.

Shardmind raises up crystalline, icicle-like pillars from the ground or a ceiling that throw back the hunters while damaging them, stopping bullets and, when aimed underneath, could launch Shardmind forwards without taking damage from the pillars, this could lead to a deadly aerial strike or just an escape. Both a getaway and a weapon.

Shardmind’s body releases a beam of refracted light from its body that blinds hunters and disintegrates ordinance. While also doing damage. Simple really.

The tacticians choice, the deployment of shard mines makes new points on the minimap(don’t know if the monster gets a minimap, if not, then one is made) that will show the location of hunters if the get to close to the mine’s locations. The mines with players in the vicinity can be detonated, damaging but losing their positions. The mines can be destroyed by hunters so hide them relatively well.


Shardmind starts off very weak, although able to kill monsters and survive short encounters. With stages of evolution, the Shardmind becomes spikier and looks more menacing as time comes.


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