Monster Concept |Necromancer|


A sort of Necromancer type concept with area control.
High armor (around Behemoth levels) Low Hp (around Wraith levels).

Ability One: Poison Fog

A dense fog coats a small area that causes a small resistance debuff, and sets a DoT on all that neutral creatures/hunters. Upgrading will increase the area that is covered, and increase the DoT. Don’t know if buffing the debuff with level would be Overpowered.

Ability Two: Death’s Touch

The monster uses its armor to resurrect a creature, and make it friendly towards the monster. The creature will follow the monster around the map, and attack other creatures/hunters. At the first level you’ll have to give 1.5x the amount of armor you’d normally gain from the creature to resurrect it. Meaning mammoth birds will take 5 feeds worth of armor (rounds up). This’ll drop to 1x (3), and .5x (2).

If one of your creatures dies in combat it can be resurrected once it has fully decayed. You can not feed off of creatures you have resurrected.

Ability 3: Soothing Call

Invigorates all creatures under your control, and makes all creatures that were actively hostile towards you neutral. Can be held to slowly regenerate HP on controlled creatures within a certain radius. Doing so will lock the monster in place. Makes neutral monsters hostile toward hunters.

Ability 4: Marked for Death

The monster screeches at a targeted location, and all controlled creatures aggressively rush the area. All controlled creatures that fight in the area are given a damage buff.

Overall the monster is meant to debuff hunters while creatures slowly, or quickly if ahead, chip away at the hunters. No idea on a name or look, but thought something like it would be cool.


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