Monster concept- Goliath and Bruce Lee had a child and gave it steroids and magic!


Because why not.

Essentially the idea is that the monster’s four abilities will do a slow DoT and apply certain debuffs/buffs. For example:

1: Hitting a Hunter with this will grant you a temporary damage resistance buff, but will do the same for all Hunters.
2: Hitting a Hunter with this will debuff the jetpack recharge and movespeed considerably, but will debuff your traversals and your movespeed too.
3: Hitting a Hunter with this will grant you a temporary damage increase buff, but will do the same for (some or all) Hunters.
4: Hitting a Hunter with this will temporarily make all their cooldowns/reloads longer, but your melees slow down and your cooldowns slow down too.

Or something along those lines but very similar. Basically, the idea is that you can sort of control the ebb and flow of hunters abilities- not enough to make it obnoxious or annoying, but enough to be able to control it so that you can play to your own strengths. Introducing buffing effects to Hunters will ensure that they don’t get frustrated and can’t whine while also introducing the necessity for careful thought. For example, if I hit Caira with “2”, then yeah her jetpack is worse but Caira with DR is Caira with DR which makes her TOUGH and that is something to consider; if I hit Parnell with “3” because I need him DEAD, now, then I can do that; but he’s going to make me pay for it pretty well, and that’s something I need to consider.

Basically this means you need to actually think carefully and use your abilities well while introducing debuffs and buffs for a very fluid and I think unique playstyle.

Outside of abilities, this monster would have another group of special traits- it climbs faster and; its melees do less damage but you can melee very very quick and each melee has a little push of knockback; on top of this, chaining melees will give you a movement speed buff. So for instance, if you can continually melee a hunter you’ll move faster, keep up with him easily. What does this mean?

It means this monster trades high damage for a very very good solution to hardcore roaching. He could deal with kiting much more efficiently WITHOUT affecting Hunters badly; they won’t get too salty about massive knockback or having no jetpack or being stunlocked from Tongue Grab, etc, while also not being able to cheese a 100% melee based monster.

For traversal; I’m not sure, but perhaps some sort of a charging tackle or dash ability; when you press it your movespeed is temporarily buffed considerably and you automatically climb walls without slowing down, which adds to the roach counter and speed demon type gameplahy.

The beauty of this is that you get a monster that can’t be cheesed, but doesn’t cheese the Hunters in return! It could well be viable and do enough damage with enough tweaking, and it wouldn’t be a bitch to fight like Wraith either because it’d be pretty big, maybe a bit bigger than Goliath, which means Assaults have a nice time too.

Essentially a game would go like this- the early game feed goes well and when you get into a fight, you can focus anyone- say you choose Hank. Put the “4” debuff on him, so he’s taking more damage; you’re powering through Medic’s healing with your rapid onslaught of melees but you’re not doing ridiculous burst or stunlocking Hank, you’re just keeping up with his attempts to cheese you and continuously wearing him down, which prevents salt even more.

You’d keep meleeing and maybe you do enough or maybe not, but however the fight goes you’ll probably want to bail. Maybe you’ll debuff, say, Griffin’s jetpack and movement, not wanting Harpoon chains, but that will let the others keep pace with you (since you’re affected as well) and maybe deal some chip damage, so you need to be cautious.

So on, and so forth.

Anyway. I had this random idea, and I liked it. But it’s probably a really bad idea!

I don’t expect to ever see it in game lol, I’m just curious- what do people think of this?


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I haven’t actually seen that. If someone wants to put it there, go ahead.


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