Monster Climbing Issues


So I’m sure lots of you guys have seen this but just haven’t got the time to address it. I’ve seen lots of times where the monster player tries to jump/climb a wall but the monster just drags across the side of the cliff and than falls back down. If you don’t know what I mean, watch this video at around the 6:00 mark so can see what I mean, and this stuff happens to a lot of monsters and I’m not sure if it’s them or the game.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, why doesn’t the monster automatically climb the rock?


Yeah I’ve seen this too where the monster almost makes it, but doesn’t haul itself up like what the hunters do when they reach a ledge hopefully they’ll fix this


Yeah the monster doesn’t automatically climb. Another problem is this guy dosn’t know how to climb at all until he accedentaly finds out later. It was in the turotial!


Looks like its a problem with the monster not pressing the right key/button, not a flaw within the game.


I thought you climbed up automatically. Nice information, thanks a bunch.


No worries. Not 100% sure on this, but I’m pretty sure that the hunters can on some rocky surfaces ‘climb’ which means that even if their jetpack is completely depleted, they still keep going up to the top of the cliff.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that. You probably press climb button once out of fuel and it just climbs up.


The climb button for the monster at least on PC is left shift, whereas to climb as the hunters, I thought you just kept holding down jetpack (space on PC).


Wish there was a tutorial arena type of thing to max out my skills before trying the game… :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed in interviews and such that, when asked about the delay, @SlabOMeat tends to talk about how they wanted to streamline the process of going from inserting the disc (or installing for PC) to getting into and enjoying the game. Initially I thought this might mean better menus and things like that, but they’ve also stated in interviews how they wanted to use the extra time to better teach people how to play the game. So I’m speculating that perhaps one of the things to come out of the delay will be a playable tutorial or training mode (to supplement the sexy voice lady short videos that currently play before a match starts).


I’m 90% sure they’ve already confirmed a single player training mode to test out weapons abilities etc. The current tutorial which you see in videos explaining the class gives most of the details, but hopefully there will be a slightly more in depth one when you first boot up the game


Some kind of arena would be nice indeed. Wish it gets implemented!


You don’t automatically climb because on all the demos they have had they bind eat and climb to the same button on a controller.


I understand not automatically climbing bc that would get annoying but yah hopeful you just have to hit the climb button right as you hit the wall to climb the rest of the way up, hopefully a dev can assure us on this.


Climb is on the left trigger (or shift on a keyboard). You can actually hold left trigger before you hit the wall (even while in the air) and you will “smooth move” climb up the side, and up over the top, as long as you keep holding the trigger. In the video at 6:00 he wasn’t using the climb button, so he just bounced off.


Thanks for confirmation Sinclair! Cheers!


It was a problem during the Alpha test as well. None of the Monsters knew how to climb unless they looked in the game options. The tutorial videos that it shows for the playable characters don’t have any buttons associated with what is going on. Hopefully, they’ve fixed it for the Big Alpha. I didn’t know how to climb the first time I played either, and still won.


Thankyou Sinclair


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