Monster climb speed comparison video


I edited this footage frame by frame in an effort to get all the start times lined up as properly as possible.

It seems like Gorgon is the fastest climber, with Goliath unexpectedly being the slowest. I believe that all the climb speeds are statistically the same, but the climb animations + vaulting over the ledge animations are a big factor in how quickly you can get moving again.

I quite enjoy making videos that analyse various mechanics, so if anyone has any requests I can give them a shot.

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So it looks like



Close but I’d say that Kraken is by far the slowest climber. They do this because in most cases he can just fly over obstacles.


I’m honestly not surprised at this. Gorgon requires the ability to scale walls quickly because she can use walls for her mechanics. While behemoth has low flexible mobility but makes up for it in his horizontal and vertical mobility. Wraith is meant to be speedy and quick with a small profile but also has the ability to simply warp directly up, while kraken can generally just ignore terrain. Goliaths mobility is both flexible and has the longest distance so it seems fine it’s walls climbing is slow


Excellent video! Thanks for sharing.


I remember before Behemoth launched they said he was going to climb ridiculously slow. That didn’t work out apparently. :smiley_cat:


Damn, Goliath’s got a really low base climbing point, never noticed that. It takes him a while to reach the point where Gorgon had actually started her climb.


This is super interesting!



You know what else I dig about this video…all the awesome skins used.


He was a lot slower. I believe they buffed his climb speed after the first few rounds of public play.


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