!monster changes needed!


First point: Miami vice theme tune is the best song ever. CHECK IT OUT
When you press any key to eat/crouch/melee/climb, it needs to instantly carry it out!!! I usualy have to spam everthing because it is so unresponsive.
I think you can already terminate a sneak attack with same button as sneak, if not this needs to be changed and eating and crouching should not be stopped by damage.


  • Is Miami Vice themetune the best song ever?
  • Or not?

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  • Should abilities destroy harpoons?
  • Or not?

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Monsters Reflexes

  • Should they increase button sensitivity and monster’s ‘reaction time’
  • Or are you crazy and think not?

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Damage is no fun

  • Should you be able to feast and pounce at your own will, instead of damage stopping you?
  • Or do you think not because this would spoil game mechanics?
  • Or do you think damage should half the damage of a pounce while it is being dealt.

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GG Lazarus.

  1. Never heard song.
  2. Depends on ability.
  3. Increase your mouse sensitivity (or controller)
  4. OP if damage didn’t stop.
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Just to clarify i mean small amounts of damage like Medic’s gun or non-elite creatures


I still think any damage should prevent the Monster from eating to be honest, it’d be unfair to prevent Lazarus from getting a rez because his rifle couldn’t stop the Monster from eating.

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1Listen to song
2. all goliaths (if aimed at trap), aftershock and vortex, supernova - breaks all around - and lava bomb
3. is nothing to do with mouse or keyboard
4. read next post


but surely if laz can stop monster from eating, get under him and res, then thats either OP or monster is aweful. Also if it was just laz then monster could kill him too so your point is kinda self-contradictory


Any damage should stop monster.
What happens if the only 2 people alive are Laz and trapper, and trapper is pounced?
Would it be fair to let trapper die because Laz can’t do anything?
It isn’t fair.
Also if you are talking about Maggie traps, those do destroy the trap, you just ned to hit the trap itself.


Why u do dis? U knuw hydes granade doisnt stop monsters.

But in all seriousness how come hyde’s grenades arent able to stop pounce? Is it because you are afraid of not being able to pounce him because of an endless supply of nades?


I think only orbitals should stop feeding


WHY?!?! Why the hell would you want this


Have you played the game much? If that happened then the monster is horrendous. How you can even consider that being op as an option I do not know.

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  1. Iunno. :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. Yes. Breaking harpoons right now is VERY clunky, needs to get better. Sometimes I’ll be staring the source right in the face and mashing wildly and it won’t break and I eat a full barrage. It sucks.

  3. Yes. Monsters are too slow in general right now.

  4. Absolutely not.


This is the most ridiculous comment I have ever read. Gg, you win the internet.


I agree. What is lunno?


Good Laz will run or get quick res after trapper is down
Also, in this scenario, monster deserves win for good play!
How do you think that is is fair that if I fire breath or leap smash in direction of a harpoon trap, that does’t break it, bearing in mind they do 2/3x more damage than melee anyway, but tiny swipe at harpoon destroys it? Surely shockwave and fire of goliath’s abilities will tear apart tiny harpoon, I mean, the string isn’t even solid!!


Well, just saying, it won’t happen. All hunters will be able to stop pouncing/eating.
Also, you can hit the trap itself and it will be destroyed… I said that already.


Thanks for loads of votes!


A good monster will say lol nope.

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