Monster Challenges


GhostRobo played a game where he challenged himself for a stage 2 Wraith win with no decoy. (succeeded)

So shout out your ideas for a challenging round:

My best so far is a Kraken match where lightening strike is out and start with full aftershock

Good Luck :smile:


Win against the Devs.


10 straight wins at stage one. I love winning at stage one more then anything.


how can my normal kraken build be your challenge? XD

heres one.

gain full armor with armor regen perk and hide in a single bush.


Win at stage one with only after shock as kraken without touching the ground. Also you only get to fill your armor bar once


Hide for as long as you possibly can in a single spot without moving?

Disclaimer: Probably not possible if they have Daisy


What if the Bush is married? Must we move on?