Monster cerberus


i have an idea for a monster going down the greek and roman path, ok so here goes its called the Cerberus it is a canine themed monster with fur which will be a first its used to the polar climates of shear and has an icy breath to incapacitate prey it poses the unique ability to split its body into its hunting pack to take down lager prey, as it evolves it gains additional heads, it can dig itself into the ground to hide itself from hunters but it cannot move while underground. would just like some thoughts on what you guys think


Not bad at all but the under ground thing could become a problem


in what way ?


how do they shoot you underground if they track you just go underground and let them pass and evolve and go underground if their near and if your in a dome


I agree the underground dig is a problem aswell as it would be unblanced as all amonster has to do is smell the hunters coming and just sit underground till they leave, rinse and repeat over and over till stage 3


hmm I see what would you suggest


The Scorpid which later became Goliath had a borrowing mechanic but it just didn’t work out the way TRS hoped it would.


Possibly a short timer. Let it be able to stay under for 10 secs max. So you could dodge an orbital barrage or dust tag and then come back up and resume the fight or evading. Maybe let Cabot still be able to counter it with the rail gun


I think shape shifting monster would be good somehow they have tried to make it before i dont know what happened to it it would be interesting shape shift into a wildlife or change color and apart of your body to blend into the wall


like a chameleon


I feel like the last thing this game needs is another character that is hard to find like the wraith. Further pissing people off to where the player base falls off even more than it already is lol


This game should be for patient people that’s why it’s called hunt people that play the game to find and kill the monster within 2 minutes aren’t hunters and are noobs


Yeah something like that they tried to make it before and i dont know what happened


Noobs? What u described is actually EXACTLY what the hunters are SUPPOSED to do. That’s literally the entire nature of the game. If you do not find it in 2-4 mins then your odds of winning as a hunter go up very steep


I find its more of a hunt the longer you take instead of a slaughterhouse on stage 1. if every game I played I won against a stage 1, every time it would really bore me with no challenge.


completely agree


Yea I agree with that but how many stage 3s have you successfully beaten? Maybe 10%? I was just pointing out that calling people noobs for doing exactly what the game is designed for was uncalled for an a little ironic. Those same “noobs” would bury your monster every round. That where actual skill comes in. The whole idea of a hunt is to ultimately catch and kill your prey. I can’t see faster being anything but beneficial. Your concept doesn’t really play out seeing as the monster only gets stronger


Stage two is balanced stage three favours the monster, but a competitive team can win. I find challenge is fun but anyway this topic is about this guys monster idea and what we think of it, and I think it’s a cool idea more heads and fur something that’s not in the game yet.


The goal of the hunters is to defeat the monster as quickly as possible the goal of the monster is to evolve and then beat the hunters. The length of the hunt does not matter if you want a LONG hunt then follow the monster around and don’t attack it. If you want a GOOD hunt then give it your best shot. Chameleon would not fit because wraith truly has taken the show as the main stealth and decoy gives it invisibility. And just the first word you think of when you hear chameleon is camouflage which would be just hiding in the map which we already have megamouths for. That is why I deem the Chameleon a bad idea.