Monster Camoflauge


Hi all,

Just a quick question. Is anyone having issues trying to stay camouflaged from the enemy as a monster.
It seems that whenever I start a game I can falsely lead the hunters west for example, only for them to do a complete u-turn and shadow current my path. Whenever I lose them and re-enter stealth mode to move away from them they follow me trail again.

I mean not exactly the best monster/ hunter but when I was first playing Evolve; last Friday, I was able to stay hidden from everyone until stage 3, now it seems impossible.

Maybe I need to re-think strategies or give the game a break for a while… Or just stop being bad at the game.


You might have been darted.


See that’s what I initially thought, but my HUD didn’t show the ‘Hit by a Tracking Dart’ or ‘UAV Tracking’ alert. It’s not really a big deal.


Do you get an alert if you eat darted wildlife?


Yeah, but like I said it’s no biggie. Probably was hiding in the wrong spots.


See when i see the path stops right off the start i can usually assume you did exactly what you just described so they probably jsut predicted your movements


If the hunters have Maggie, Daisy will lead them to you throughout the match. Maggie is the anti~sneak trapper and the hunters will always have some form of a trail to follow you. It isn’t to say that sneaking is bad when Daisy’s around, but it needs to be done when they’re starting to get close so you can get into a better position to high tail it out of there! You can also choose to run through bodies of water or rivers to delay Daisy in finding you, but sooner or later she will be back on the trail before ya know it. The best method is to outright kill Daisy, but that’s easier said than done.

Of course, you just may have been outfoxed by hunters who already know the “false trail, monster went the other way” strategy :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s a lesson that many hunters learn early on, so it may be a good idea to sneak away for a bit and then start booking it when your trail isn’t visible from the spawn point.


people are just getting smarter. During the beta and first week evolve i never fought until i was 3 or felt like going in. Hunters are getting smarter to monster tactics which isnt a bad thing. gotta think on your feet more.


Hunter players are getting better, basically. Not so easily fooled by a hiding monster anymore.


ya i sneak past a few rocks and then book it. id rather get distance and armor at beginning.


Hunters are just getting better at predicting movements. Also as someone said if they have Maggie daisy can sniff you out. If they have a griffin his sound spikes can cover most maps. Granted they are not set off while in sneak, but I think they do when you eat. But the biggest thing is hunters being able to predict movement.


my most successful mid-late game sneaks are after the chase has begun and hunters are right on my tail. ill lead them through a corridor system towards a few exits. smell them out and hope they keep running thinking i out distanced thema cross the map. then ill sneak the way we came immediately to regain armor or evolve.