Monster Brethren, how do I deal with Caira


In the old days, I was nigh undefeated by hunters as Goliath. I was a master of stealth, and a good fighter. Nowadays, the hunters have bulked up and I have a more uneven win streak, but whenever I lose I have respect for my teammates.

Unless I lost to an Abe for obvious reasons.

But lately i’m noticing that every team that beats me does so because of either Abe or Caira. I just can’t deal enough damage to Ciara because she can just spam heal herself. What should I do?


Give her some of your brain tissue. She’ll go to play in the corner with it all happy and won’t bother you again.


First go to and watch some of my Goliath videos

Secondly always take her out first unless support is hank, then try to take them both out at the same time.

3rd seriously watch my videos I win.


official response from macman was to try traversal stamina perk and to try to get high burst damage from multiple cycling level 3 abilities.


and if possible wait to burst when caira is reloading


Focus single targets. You can’t spread the hurt around with Caira; smack one person til they go down.


Attack Caria, if she pops speed burst, find something else to do till it wears off. Rock Throw is 50% HP if you land it.


You don’t hahahaha. No but seriously, based on how others take me out when I play her, attack her relentlessly til she goes down. At some point she’ll become vulnerable.


Ignore Caira and go for her teammates it will work eventually. Oh and don’t be discouraged if you lose a ton of health


losing any health is a bad sign unless you have multiple downs/or hunter death


Shhh. Losing health is all right just keep attacking the hunters caira’s healing it would will work… ;]


What he said lol. You don’t want heath damage. And you don’t tend to want to ignore her. She puts out a LOT of healing in a hurry.


Seriously though try to target her after she pops healing burst. If you’re stage 2 the healing grenades will usually only slow you down. You have to be quick though because if healing burst comes back before you kill her you’re gonna have a bad time


just damaging hunters only really cuts it if vs laz. you really got to get a double down to force a win


Grenades can just about fill up a health bar. Don’t use fire breath if she’s on the ground, she’ll out heal it. Any time she’s on the ground stick to Charge/Rock Throw for heavy damage + knock-back. Leap is good but if you miss you’re unable to attack for a good while. In between Rock/Charge use auto attacks for the knock-back, only fire breath while she’s mid air, because she can’t grenade herself.


That’ll usually do it unless hanks around.


If hank is near then use charge to juggle her out of LOS. It’s extremely easy to aim Charge. Alternately, if you’re like me and maxing Rock, a single rock will decimate the shield. Or, if you trust your aim, knock him on his ass with it and immediately go back to Caira, this way she now has to choose to heal, but if you’re fast enough then she won’t be able to heal anyone.

Goliath has enough armor, even at stage one really, to burn through a shield. (Assuming 2RT/1Charge start) You just need to gauge how much damage you’re taking. If you run out of armor and shields are still being used, or people are full heath, just evade. If you’re stage two then anyone you want dead can’t be saved. Just get the Caira strike using the tactics I already mentioned. If you went Fire/Charge/Leap, you probably won’t have enough burst to lock down Caira.


You’re right but that’s easier said than done. ;]


If you really want to go for the win you will have to use rock throw, charge and jump smash.

These have the best combosynergy. I dont find goliath fun so I don’t play him that much, but you can for example charge anyone and follow up into an undodgeable rockthrow or leap smash.

Charge should always be picked because of the utility it brings anyway. You can propel enemies into wildlife with it and if you happen to hit the hunter near the end of it you can chain into death combo.

You should also always pick a single point into firebreath if you are playing against either bucket or markov for aoe clearing purposes.


Yea, just remember to bail/play defensive if she pops speed. You won’t be able to land anything so just target support, or trapper to get out of the dome. That’s all assuming you’re playing Goliath. If your main is someone else let me know. :smiley:

@Pappus Leap is great, put there’s a bad spot for the range, where they can dodge it 90% of the time at close range, and if you miss it’s a lot of wasted time. But it is awesome you you push 2+ people into a corner with Charge first.