Monster being under powered



I played against a comp that couldn’t die, Sunny,Rogue val,Abe,Hyde this is a good team no doubt but all I have been hearing is that monsters are overpowered but are they really.Gorgon couldn’t do anything against this comp.


A premade hunter team definitely gives monsters a run for their money. They’re not overpowered, they’re just strong against new players and pubs


Welcome to a problem with this game: The inability to see compositions before a match.

This leads to games like these, where picks counter your own. Sunny’s booster would almost entirely negate your acid spit and spiders, because it allows people to boost away easily and for free.

Add into that repeatable shields, a medic that won’t die due to her heal burst, grenades that don’t allow for chase and an assault who is always in your face?

Yeah, this happens. On the flip side, there’s just as many hunter teams with the coordination of Benny Hill lineup.


I’m not gonna say rogue val is OP but whenever I see one, the Hunter team is all of a sudden EXTREMELY tanky. She can heal everyone through her passive and 4 heals her completely, bonus points if she takes a HP regen perk. Sunny probably just exacerbates this is it makes it easier for rogue to get away


The thing is that Monsters are OP when playing against randoms who have not much teamwork, and Monsters are UP when playing against good premades


So maybe rogue val just need a little adjusting then


I find her to be pretty good at the moment, not OP or UP in my opinion. Good damage and good healing (just not as much as Val’s but more useful in pubs in my experience)


She’s OP with bucket. Nerf bucket and she’ll be fine. Really not having any issue with her in any other comp.




Sadly he needs some nerfs. He is straight up the best at everything right now. Except for damage. Cabot will always be the king of damage.


I feel the same way too, maybe a slightly longer cooldown on the MR. But I’ll need to play against more experienced monster and hunters first before I make up my mind.


Not defense imo, Sunny and hank are best for defense.

I think in terms of defense, offense, and utility, he’s kinda in the middle atm.

Although his ability cool down thingy shouldn’t be 100%, maybe 80% or somethin, it’s insanely stronk.


Apparently his MR and shield burst are getting slightly increased CDs. Super annoying to fight RVal with him on the team since you essentially have to play it 100% perfect with t3 perks.

@Trollogrefey Yeah he’s a jack of all trades type of character. He’s just doing his job too well. Mainly just the RVal+Bucket combo.


When I see bucket now he’s my number one priority LOL. the MR is really good,


In retrospect i can see that, the Healthburst recharging in seconds so now RVal’s at full hp and doing her heal over time again.


Support is always my number one priority. That shield burst needs to be taken down :stuck_out_tongue: Only reason you didn’t focus support before was their ability to cloak making your damage useless.

@Trollogrefey Yep ex ESL teams are plaguing ranked with that. Some of the most annoying games I’ve ever played. They aren’t playing well they’re simply abusing a stupidly overpowered combo.


I think his MR should not recharge himself. Double shield boost is too much.


if that tee the case than if like the cooldown to be a bit faster, would really make him a surprising support.


If it was faster he shouldn’t be allowed to use it if you down him :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise RVal will be invincible >_>


oh yeah :confused: