Monster being disabled in parties is killing queue times


I know it’s standard fare for games to have queue times be significantly faster for solo players, but no other game I’ve played recently has had such long times for parties to get into a match. The only possible culprit for the reason it takes parties easily sixs times as long to get placed is this system, because it prevents parties being placed together.

While it may have seemed like a good idea on paper, in practice the system in place causes parties of two and especially three to take significantly longer to be matched with other players. In addition, because the name of this game is teamwork, there are a large percentage, perhaps even a majority, of players in groups, and those players in groups of twos and threes can’t be placed with each other.

With the current system
A party of four needs 1 solo player
A party of three needs 2 solo players
A party of two needs another party of 2 and 1 solo player because they will never get three solo players.

The matchmaking system seemingly is like most others and places solo players in active games first, then lobbies with 4 people, then 3, then 2. Parties of 2 are often matched with other parties of two before they get a solo player, and parties of three get the shaft because they need to wait for solo players instead of simply placing them with a group of two.

In short, it makes queue times for parties or two mildly annoying and for parties of three absolutely horrendous, especially at non peak hours.

There is no reason for this system to exist. It won’t stop boosting (which was the reason given in beta IIRC) because customs give experience. Furthermore, the population of the game isn’t large enough to accommodate the need for solo players, and isn’t going to get much bigger. While it’s not small, this system can only serve to drive away players who spend more time in menus than in the game.

Please get rid of it. Maybe make it an option for players who don’t care if someone in a party is the monster so that parties of three and two can be matched together instead of being stuck in the queue waiting for solo players.

Parties should be allowed to be Monster

This would be so awesome if it was removed… I only have a couple of friends that play evolve and we always would love to monster each other. But NOPE! no monster for parties. I vote yes to monster parties!! :smile:


this gets a like


If you refer to the major thread: Seriously, I HATE Matching, you’ll see that the Developers have responded about that issue. They said they are aware of it and are working on it. That’s just about all they’ve said though.