Monster Behind Map Effect Forcefield


I heard of this before but couldn’t find the thread to add this to. This was a bot match of Rescue…was farming for Slim’s mastery at the time so the monster was AI, along with my whole team. The monster went behind the wall after a survivor or two that somehow crossed over, followed by all of my teammates. I couldn’t get through the wall but standing next to the wall Behemoth could hit me through it. Eventually behemoth struggled against the wall long enough and broke free of it, along with the bots, save for the survivors it killed on the other side. My bug drone did not go through the barrier to save them.

Look at him taunting me there.


Thats funny.


Thats silly.


The look on his face is all trollololol, with the survivor at his feet.


Ikr. He’s like, “Haha I am invincible you can’t touch me trollololooo”.


Makes you want to walk through walls to cuddle him…


Here is where you saw it :stuck_out_tongue: Continuing the discussion from So yeah i spawned in on a defend map:


That first picture is hilarious…


Yep…just like that!


Oh wow. That one is really weird.

Think I’m gonna tag @MrStrategio on this one. Must be quite rare.