Monster 'Beginning Ability' (perk) Idea


When I say ‘Beginning Ability’, I don’t mean your skill point tree and how to use them, what I mean is one of those permeant round boost you get at the beginning of the round as either hunter or monster (i.e. Damage Resistance by 10%, Jetpack Recharge Increase by 50%, etc)

So, my idea could be interpreted by two ways, but I think its a good idea to give the monster a begging-round or mid-round advantage. It involves the FootStep Mechanic.

So, what I am thinking that for one of these ‘abilities’ or ‘boost’, that foot steps will fade away 10% faster with lvl 1, but can be upgraded to, idk, 30%? There could also be one that completely eliminates foot steps at the beginning of the round (4 seconds at lvl 1, but at lvl 3 the monster will not leave any foot steps until the hunters are released into the game).

This may seem a bit over powered, but the status could be modified to make the ability more equal. What do you think about this ‘Monster Ninja’ ability?


I am a bit at a loss for words… either I am totally mistaken, you aren’t saying what you are thinking, or there is something weird going on. :smile:

Evolve doesn’t have one

The monster is supposed to be at a disadvantage at stage one, and even at stage two. To give him an advantage at this time would just… confuse me :smile:

If I am understanding what you are saying, then you are talking about making a perk, that will eliminate tracks at the start of the game. I don’t think that would be overpowered, but you can already use the sneak ability to move without leaving tracks! So to me it seems a little redundant.


For a moment, I thought that this was something else to. That being said, it would be interesting if a ‘perk’ only got it’s increased performance based on the stage of the monster. For instance, the jet pack recharge is 25%, 50%, and 100%. What is it was 25% for stage 1, 50% for stage 2, and 100% at stage 3 (Assuming you had them all unlocked) This would be affected on both sides. Interesting idea anyway.


Yea, he’s talking about perks. When he says skill trees pretty sure he means the abilities and skill points for the monster.

And yea OP, good idea in theory but with sneak being 100% invisible footprints whenever you want, I don’t think people would use it.


that makes more sense!


Ya, I had a hard time phrasing this myself…but you get the point of the perk. Also, when I say skill tree, its the part where you get and level up the monster abilities, from fire breath, charge and the other two.

You do make a good point that sneak is similar, but this allows someone as the monster to be able to get away faster without leaving as many tracks.

Plus, the other idea for this ability is that the foot prints fade away faster than usual, which would be effective when your sneaking away from the hunters but they start catching up to you…the foot prints would fade away before they can find you, and closely after that, dome you.

Even if the monster is suppose to be disadvantaged at the beginning of the round (finally spelled ‘beginning’ correctly), why not let him at least have a method of keeping away from the hunters for a longer period of time, like the smell range increase ability.


It makes sense now! :slight_smile:


id rather have cool down reduc then have my footprints hidden all the time for the simple fact that i can be tracked by abe and cabot for about for…ever so foot prints dont matter if they can see you