Monster Balance


Since this is a beta - I believe the Monsters need to be tone down. So far I’m undefeated on Goliath, Met Goliath, and I used my keys to get Gorgon. Hoping it would be a bit more challenging but so far people haven’t even been able to take out 1 health bar let alone get past my armor. This doesn’t feel right.

Update - Got Bored - couldn’t go any further - game definitely has balance issues


No, you’re simply facing inexperienced hunter teams. What level are you? When Stage 2 came out, I played non stop monster and got over a 75 win streak before playing hunter and losing a match. levels 1-20 I could easily win in 3-4 minutes at stage 1 if needed. Now, at lv27, it’s not uncommon when games are forcing me to go stage 3 now. I still have some 98% winrate with goliath, but there’s a clear difference in the difficulty and skill of the hunter teams. However, that’s not to say that monsters are OP. I still have an 84% win rate with hunters. Granted I am partying up with 1-2 people commonly but that goes to show that it’s still fairly easy to kill monsters.


I’m also inexperienced (1 day played) and bored with the game, maybe I’ll go hunters for an actual challenge or just move on.


I was on the same boat but I knew they were just bad hunters. After level 20 I started facing good hunters and now they are a pain in the ass. I’m even starting to think some of them need to get toned down cough sunny cough sattelite cough


Your just fighting pugs mostly, once you go into ranked its a whole nother story.


At level 25+ no one seems to want to play monster since it’s generally unwinnable if you’re against half decent hunters.

Just non stop dodging 5, 10, 20 matches in a row from people that are getting assigned monster with it on their least preference and them not wanting to play it.
Sometimes takes over 20 minutes just to start a 10 minute match because of all the dodging from people that don’t want to play monster up here.

Then I play it, and despite having gone 80% win on Wraith for my first 25 games with it, 90% on gorgon my first 15 games, I can’t win either. Especially since this recent patch seems to have bugged eating even worse, where you get stuck for 20 seconds trying to eat something near a wall or object or just facing slightly off it. Or getting stuck trying to climb a spot it thinks you can climb and you think you should be able to when you can’t. Or getting stuck not grabbing ledges it was half in the grabbing animation for.
Only way you can win is by camping spawn with Kraken and hoping they don’t react fast enough to give you an advantage there.

And then there is the fact that Human perks greatly outscale the monster ones so in addition to them becoming better as people get through their steeper learning curve, they become stronger still from 30% class cooldown on two people actually being better than 17% or 28% ability cooldown. Or 60% jetpack regen just making it impossible to kill someone that knows how to move (dodge straight up against most) unless you’re Kraken.

I’m not good at Kraken. The only people I see that ever stand a chance are Kraken, though. So I, like most people are higher level, simply don’t want to play the very bugged and underpowered other Monsters.

And it doesn’t help that the matchmaking just factors in levels instead of mmr.


This thread feels less about the game having a balance issue and more about you having a superiority complex…


Play some gold tier hunters, they’ll solve your problem


This. Then OP will say monsters are underpowered :joy: