Monster Balance : Heavy Hitter Perks


Just my opinion not sure if anyone else has picked this up, but the monster perk from patch 2.17 or something where the monster gets a damage increase at the cost of cooldown increase. Anyway the perk is really useless. What mean is, when it’s rank 3 for it’s major and minor, playing with them on is frustrating because if you lay enough dmg into a hunter e.g. medic they heal pretty fast because of the cooldown increase. Would be super if turtle fock increased the Cooldown for the elite wildlife perk i think it’s the mammoth-bird, so it evens out the cooldowns from the permanent perks. Or another solution could be reduce the amount of cooldown from the perk itself. But yeah really hope this get’s noticed by turtlerock just an issue i found that hinders gameplay, Especially if i’m against a really good team, e.g. Crow, Lenox, Slim, Sunny.


The increased time on cool down with heavy hitter / brute force is intended so the perks are not OP.
They can be mixed with cool down reduction to avoid very long waits between abilities but after they got the numbers changed they became a little weak, to me anyway.
I am not very keen on the new heal/heal negate perks though but I think the damage Increase perks are at a better balance than on release


Firstly, since this is about the heavy hitter perks, should the title be about them rather than monsters in general?

And finally, the perks require a specific play style if you ask me. A bursty monster is needed to use them effectively, limiting choices to Goliath and maybe Elder Kraken. The idea behind them, or at least how I see it, is to down someone or severely injure them in one rotation of your skills. You are right in that, if you don’t manage to kill them quickly, they will heal back up to full while you wait for the longer cool down abilities to refresh.

I think they are ok, and can catch a team off-guard and net you a win, but they are unreliable and are simply outdone with more consistency and damage by the poison perks, on the monster of course.

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I disagree with you, these perks for me at least make wraith more playable (with a decent effort I can beat slim with 2 skill rotation) the perks are good, they just don’t fit you

yeah, @FrankFontaine should we change it to something else like “heavy hitter perks useless” or something like that?


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Heavy hitter perk is pretty useful on monsters who rely most on melee attacks such as goliath and wraith. These perks aren’t viable on ALL monsters, so try them and see where they fit better :wink:
Edit: i’ll correct your title ^^
Edit edit: seems like the title already exists so i’ll add the heavy hitter question to it to make it less generic and recategorize it to general-monster category ^^


The cooldown increase isn’t that bad, especially if you combine it with the gold CDR. It also works really well with Wraith and Goliath. Only reason it isn’t picked is because it’s still under the two week ban for HGL and poison perks are still OP.

Edit: Also a question for @FrankFontaine is how often do you hit your abilities? If you consistently land them a medic shouldn’t out heal you.


usually with heavy hitter perks you play a different playstyle, in which you pick all abilities and try to hit everything. it really pays off on some monsters. you can take silver or gold cooldown to reduce the cooldown increase. The increased cooldown is there so it doesn’t become OP.

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except wraith, because I think his decoy stays with the same damage for some reason

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probly cuz it sucks :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with you OP. No one I know uses them because they’re straight trash :confused:


Picking those perks actually lowers you damage per second (DPS) potential. I find it sad but it is what it is.

There is no reason you should pick those except for Overpowered map.

Hunger/heavy hitter/brute force + 5 red buffs = no cooldown fire breath on OG Goliath.


if i recall correctly, perks dont stack with buffs, not even in overpowered they are stronger one takes place,but i guess if ure just looking for cooldown reduction thats fine, you just wont get the scaling damage.[quote=“FrankFontaine, post:1, topic:105299”]
but the monster perk from patch 2.17

are you from the future? :quantum_caira: