Monster Backstory

So I’ve been reading a lot of the hunter backstories recently. I love how their so well written, it really adds to the characters. But I’m personally a monster player, and I’m wondering if anyone has any info on what they are, where they came from, or anything like that.

The mystery of SPAaAaAaAce…

That is pretty much it lol. We know they are aliens, and that they can somehow spread to other planets.

Nope. They have said they wish the monsters to remain a mystery. All we have are rumors and speculation.

Oh, okay. I’m guessing we’ll get more stuff as time progresses then.

I think it was mentioned in the val storyline that an agency like CIG9 or an agency like them was possibly responsible for them. It’s hinted at in a dialogue between val and her CO I believe

My understanding is that they want to keep the majority of the backstory for the monsters a secret (assuming @Matthew already has the full backstory written up somewhere) to keep the mystique of the monsters relevant. Once you know what their full story is, they lose a lot of their appeal for most people, which is something that they want to avoid.

King’s Fort’s (I think) info box on custom match. That’s about all we have to go off on.