Monster Baby Mode


Just bare with me here and I know how insane it sounds but how about all the monsters are babies and they have to escape from the hunters. The monster still evolves but it’s stage 3 is just the normal stage one (so of they add thIs in evacuation, it would be before hunt mode. The map could be at a research facility and the monster would feed on animals or scientists. The hunters would be scientists and just have to trap or kill the monster while it’s still young. The monster have to kill the scientist/hunters or escape the research facility.
That’s my thought. Feel free to agree, disagree or even add your own ideas.

Monsters on earth sequel

So it’s like hunt, but with watered down weapons/abilities against a watered down version of a monster? (Not trying to be a d-bag or anything, genuinely trying to understand your question)


Yeah basically.


I think it would be interesting. I would like this mode to be more indoors than outdoors. The winning ‘objective’ of the monster at final stage would be breaking out of the facility via the large door/gate.


That was my whole pain of this mode but when you said it, it made it sound a whole lot better.


Just pictured myself running around in this mode as a baby goliath lol!!


I think it would be a lot more of a sneaking versus combat oriented though if you finish at stage 1.


The wildlife could be all test subjects the scientist were researching so that settles food for the monster but the wildlife wouldn’t be that large. when the monster is in its first stage, it could climb into vents but when it’s stages up, it can’t so every time it evolves, it’s easier to find but easier to evolve because it would be able to eat normal AI scientists.


Hmmm… thinking here. I feel that this would be hard to implement within normal parameters. However, it could be a turn based simulator. You have certain amount of actions. Active listening, moving, checking cuboards etc… could cost points while the monsters point pool would be used for moving around. After a certain amount of time/turns the monster evolves once it is in a safe spot. At Stage 2 that is when it can start eating to build up the next stage of evolution. However, at this point the game is quite different.

Hard to implement a FPS/3rd Person version of hide and go seek without a lot of changes as well. Still, something interesting.


This mode would be centred around stealth, just like at the beginning of hunt mode when you are at stage 2


That’s a pretty good idea with the point system but yes it would be hard to view as the monster when hiding. Maybe the monster is still in third person but it could have another sense/vision it could see see where it’s going like the assassin’s creed eagle vision or middle earth shadow of mordor’s wraith vision just by pressing a button


There would be too many dead monster babies at my doorstep… I wouldn’t play it lol.


I have no idea why but this idea just keeps making me think about ape escape. I keep imagining the Scientists running around with that blue net and Goliath with a red siren on his head.


I don’t understand