Monster avoidance


So I play Evolve with friends. One of which hardly ever plays and another who isn’t on all that often so it’s generally only 2 or 3 of us with one or two randoms. My problem is how to catch a monster effectively and what to do when we have him caged.

So when chasing the monster I think I know the problem, with the mass amounts of Goliath’s played this weekend it’s really noticeable how the leap can be insane. A number of times it got them across the map the moment we found the monster and it seems stamina recharge is ridiculously good. Chasing the monster though I can acknowledge is out problem. It’s hard with randoms but we need to coordinate to try and head him off and get him.

The big problem though is when we cage a monster. So many times we cage a monster, an ability designed to force the monster into a fight so the hunters actually have a chance before it reaches level 3. Sometimes though you get monsters who run around the cage in a ring. I’ll focus on Goliath here but it can happen with the others also. But he leaps and runs in a circle until the dome is down simply ignoring the hunters. and more often than not they can escape without even taking damage to their health (When they have full armour) anybody got tips for how to stop these kinds of players? peoplpe do it around the map too, just run around the edge of a map in a circle and it’s incredibly difficult to catch them. What really annoys me is the cage avoidance, the part that is desinged to start a fight is just met with running in a circle.

Now I can predict a lot of people will say ‘you have to dome him in an advantageous area’ I don’t understand this at all. For one, there are certain maps that frankly don’t have advantageous areas (As in flat groud/open areas that the monster can’t hide in or around secondly though when a monster is so difficult to chase I have to Dome at my first opportunity, even if the battleground is bad because if I don’t it will never happen.

My problem used to be the sneaky monsters, now I’ve gotten better and can fight them. Now though people seems to just take the ‘I can outpace you’ route which I’m finding really really hard to deal with when I can’t coordinate the whole team.

Anyone got any tips or tricks for heading off/chasing the leap abuse? More prominently how do you guys deal with the ring-runners when you get the monster caged?

FYI I play mostly trapper and generally griffin as his Harpoon is the only way to stop monster from leaping etc away. Also this post isn’t a ‘this game is too hard nerf all monsters post’ I’m just asking for techniques etc to actually learn how to stop these guys.


Just try to control him with them poons, monsters have always been and will always be more mobile than hunters, and its the trappers job to end that. I know its a lot easier said than done, but thats it :confused: cant really think of anything else


Just be careful as the trapper as well. I for one prefer to incapacitate trappers when domed to make the dome down quicker ^^


Spread out in the dome. Instead of all 4 of you chasing him. Try to position yourselves in 4 areas around the dome so you can constantly damage him no matter where he goes


dont just constantly harpoon him. wait for him to do something. when he is climbing a cliff for example. you waste his time by forcing him to drop. to the ground and then break the harpoon and repeat the process.


Ok cool, thanks for the suggestions so far guys. Yeah I guess using the Harpoon has the be the main idea, I try to but I’m quite an Aggro player so I like to machine gun him a lot too (Assault isn’t always the best). My worry for spreading out in a dome is then the monster can catch out the medic/me easier. Also yeah I’m getting better at letting the harpoon go just as they try to break it. Multiple times I’ve thrown the Dome and managed to Harpoon them inside just before they escape, really fun to do!


Just to piggy back on what some other people said, here’s a few tips:

-spread out
-as a trapper, use your harpoons or stasis stuff as much as you can
-mark the monster while he’s in the dome (this drives me nuts, personally) I’ve been in many domes where the monster took little damage because nobody could find them because the trapper, support or whoever had the ability to tag it was not doing so or at least ping it
-as assault, lay down mines or chuck grenades
-as medic, slow down the monster or speed up your team
-as support, lay down turrets or jetpack boost your team


As said above, spread out so you can damage the Monster no matter where it is. If you have characters who excel in the chase (I.E Griffin or Val), make sure they’re ready to chase the Monster with full jetpack so they can keep up with it and keep harpooning/tranq’ing it whilst Assault and Support do as much damage as possible. If you find yourself playing against these types of Monsters frequently, maybe consider going Crow if you have him. It’ll guarantee you health damage if your team is struggling to break through the Monster’s armour.


Just a note…while spreading out, remember to also maintain line of sight with your teammates. AKA don’t spread out too much, a smart running monster is all too eager to lead you into a situation where he can get a quick strike :grin: