Monster Attitude


Let me just say it now, I am not a good monster player, nor do I think that I will be that great of a monster player.
But I did hear the best piece of advice from my dorm friend, he has never played evolve and recently got into the hype about it. After hearing that I got into the Big Alpha he hasn’t left my room…all jokes aside he told me that if at anytime you are picked to be the monster, stop what you are doing and think. Tell yourself you’re the absolute baddest bitch out there. That nobody is going to tell you what to do, and you are about to go ham. I attest to this, and I have won being the monster now :smiley:


I just use sneak a lot. After years of playing games like splinter cell, assassins creed, tomb raider and uncharted I’ve gotten pretty good at moving around undetected. A lot of times when I’m the monster I’ll get to stage 3 without ever being seen or shot. After that then all hell breaks loose. Just got te kraken and on my first run with him I killed all but the support and destroyed the objective


Dude! I have yet to play against Kraken! I usually just try to separate myself from the hunters as quickly as possible, and then work my way to stage 3. However, I under estimate the monsters power and that is where I need to remind myself just how much of a freakin’ bad time I can be for the hunters.


Yeah as long as I can keep up enough health for the final battle then I always win. When I just started playing Goliath my only weakness was to get attacked before I could evolve. Now though I think I have the strategy down