Monster as the 5th choice


5 games in a row as the monster…with the same party…monster is my 5th choice; how is this possible?

I seem to get my last selection more often, does natchmaking need some help?

EDIT - joined a new game with 1 bot spot open and still got the monster…


You keep joining in games with people in parties automatically making you the monster.


That is a silly feature…

Also edited…I entered a game with a bot spot and still got the monster.


I think god hates you.

Good luck.


Same thing here. 5th choice and still getting monster, even with spots open and people not being in parties


I’ll say it again, this is why they should let parties play monster because there are solo players out there who do not want monster and yet they are most valuable to matchmaking as monster.


The game prioritizes a player controlled monster over everything except keeping party members from being the monster. This means that even if you join a game with only two other players, if both of those players are in a party it will make you the monster no matter what your preferences are.

The matchmaking in this game really needs a lot of work.


the game will always make one random a monster. like if there are only two randoms in a game when it starts one will be forced to be monster. if 3 hunters are already queued and no monster filled, then you will be monster.


Indeed. When people want to level up their hunters but are forced to play monster, they often just quit. Advertising says: “Choose your side” The game should accept this. Ignoring player choices is bad design.


Im not sure why the monster isn’t a separate queue entirely. Though the roles differ, playing a hunter involves the same general skills: teamwork, communication, etc. Playing the monster role is an entirely different experience and one that appeals to a different type of player. It makes no sense to lump these two divergent experiences together. Plus, I’d argue that the game needs high level monster play to succeed, especially as hunter teams get better, and its hard to practice my monstering when I get jammed in as some random team’s Lazarus. There are other problems with matchmaking (getting jammed into a match mid-game using a role I’ve not even unlocked), but this one is foundational. I want to devote time to learning the monster role, others likely have no interest in playing the monster at all - matchmaking as it is fails to address either need. Why not let the monsters be the monsters?


yup… it’s getting stupid now. Just tried to join a (Evac) session and 3x in a row it put me in as monster, my last choice (even with empty spaces). Put in the load times and cooldown for quitting and well… spent over 1/2hr doing nothing.

About to try a 4th time… (then give up and actually play something… U know, something other than Evolve). Wish me luck


I think one problem is that the monster is significantly more difficult than playing as a hunter of any class, at least at the beginning when you are learning. I’m starting to get the hang of at least some of the hunter classes, but I just get smoked as the monster, it is no fun, and if the game keeps making me do it over and over I’m just going to play solo for a while so I can hunt, like I want to. Solo is fun, the bots are pretty good as bots go, and that will hold me for a while and then it will get old and I will quit.

And yes, I’m having the same experience about putting monster #5 and then being made to play monster over and over. Screw that, I have better things to do with my free time, like stare at the wall.

Hint to devs: if you use new players as whipping boys for the unpleasant stuff that somebody has to do you’re going to have trouble attracting and keeping new players.


Oh hell man… I ain’t even a noob, LVL36 here. I just prefer working with a team and well… once I’ve leveled up my fav characters, I’ll play more with monsters. My son plays with em a bunch… just not my thing atm.

It’s just be nice if preferences actually meant more than they do at the moment. Is there REALLY that big a issue with people not wanting to be the monster? Is there a shortage? Or…?


The really crazy thing is that I ONLY want to play monster and frequently get forced into playing a random hunter. How is this not working for either of us?