Monster armor regeneration a bit too fast


+just had a match against wraith than lasts more than 20 min.
he ran in till his armor was gone and ran away, waited till his armor passive regenerated and attacked again.

well we won cause the time ran out.

it was still annoying. the timer runs for a few seconds and stops everytime he attacked. and his armor was so fast up that the timer almost needs too long to restart again.
in my opinion the armor passiv reg is a bit too quick.


It’s only quick if you don’t do damage and they channel it.


You can fix this problem by throwing domes with few places to mitigate and having a competent hunter team that can manage their jetpack to hound the monster in-dome.


I actually dont mind monsters armor regen speed, it kind of gives monster more incentive to go back and fight more instead of FT3. WHICH btw I have seen videos of monsters players flee till 3 which is really annoying…


Which in my mind is either indicative of really, really shitty hunters who can’t find the monster even with the planet scanner and tracking tools, or a need on the devs part to nerf feeding/movement speed perks.


Now now @Terry_Locke let’s remember there thousands upon thousands of new players.

We’re going to see square revive lazes, and things of that nature, best to understand and teach ;).

Help me scour the forums looking for complaints on monsters and hunting and give advice. There’s not much else we can do right now.

I’m still super salty and that won’t change, but I figured there’s one thing I can do on the forums, and that’s help new players.


I’m not trying to be mean, everyone is shit at this game when they start :stuck_out_tongue: But you’re right, I could be a bit less harsh in the way I word things.


Haha it’s true, I remember being shit, but ya, I think the only thing we can do is try and help, and take the help to them.



as i said we won.
we had a coordinated team.

but you all hunterplayers will remember my words.
wraith who hit and run and reg armor only.


nah, Just get better at the game. With more experience, you wont have this problem. I’ve only encountered it once, and that was when a kraken had the reaver armor regen buff and was running from us. Other than that, it’s 100% your team’s fault for letting him be able to armor channel. Also, instead of chasing and shooting the monster, just let him run and the timer go down.


Way to be demeaning but anyway the video I was watching seemed like the hunters knew what they were doing. And its not that they never caught the monster its just when they did the monster would run in circles in the dome. When he took enough health damage, the dome dropped and he would run again.


It’s literally one of those two. Either the hunters suck and everything is balanced, or stacking the feeding and movement perks is OP and needs to be looked at.


Completely agree.

I actually got to play on the PC this weekend, lemme tell you that it’s 100% worth the wait.

Still salty tho.
Let’s be angry together Jay.