Monster and wildlife similarity


Goliath = Crowbill sloth
Kraken = Mammoth bird
Behemoth = Armadon/obsidian beetle
Wraith = ???

It’s just fanfiction, but what if the monster were created with the DNA of shear wildlife?


They were not created by DNA merging. Caira has a line where she admits that you could maybe merge a couple alien lifeforms and humans to create a Goliath, but Wraith? That warp technology doesn’t even exist on the human side, the less could be manufactured to work with a living being being the energy source and projector at the same time.


Well. Wraith is a different story altogether i believe so… why not both? Admittedly I’m stuck in the mindset that otherdimensional beings created the monsters pacific rim style.

They might habe taken some wildlife DNA for some monsters and created wraith through entirely different methods.


I’m gonna continue shutting you down, not giving up yet. :smile:

The monsters adapt themeselves. Maggie was on Factor, which got destroyed before Shear, and she states that she saw Monsters with completely different attributes, but behaving very simlarily to the ones we know about so far.


That could also aupport my theory, that the creators use local DNA to create their monsters and lead them from the shadows :wink:

Btw I think it’s funny that we basically have the same argument that creationists and scientists have. I advocate a creator while you advocate Evolution hrhr

We basically agree, that the monsters react/adapt/assimilate but argue over the why.


Maggie said she saw a monster made of rocks. She could have been referring to Behemoth.

Also, OP, I’ve had a theory very similar to this. I think the monsters are Shear wildlife from another dimension.

Also, Behemoth looks way more like an Obsidian Beetle than Megamouth or Armadon. Example.


Oh yeah, totally forgot about thar lil’ bugger.

Still, Armadons amor plating pattern might’ve been combined with the beetles harder shell ;p


Eh. I’m holding out on that theory until they reveal the monster spawning monster Maggie talks about (if they ever do). Once that’s revealed it will either make or break my theory. I’m expecting it to look like a certain creature on Shear, and if it doesn’t, than oh well.