Monster and Hunter perks that you avoid like a rectum plants?

There are a few stand out perks out there but there are a lot more where we really don’t bother with using.

What are some perks you just can’t for whatever reason believe it’s even in the game or don’t use… and what are your favorites?

Monster perks

  • Armour Regen (Monster)
  • Climb Speed (Monster)
  • Cooldown Reduction (Monster)
  • Damage Bonus (Monster)
  • Damage Resistance (Monster)
  • Feeding Speed (Monster)
  • Movement Speed (Monster)
  • Smell Range (Monster)
  • Stamina Increase (Monster)
  • Capacity (Hunters)
  • Damage Bonus (Hunters)
  • Damage Resistance (Hunters)
  • Health Regen (Hunters)
  • Jetpack Recharge (Hunters)
  • Jump Height (Hunters)
  • Movement Speed (Hunters)
  • Quick Switch (Hunters)
  • Reload Speed (Hunters)

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I like variety in my monster play and I like to play with alot of different perks, and with the introduction of Skirmish I am more free to experiment with the perks in a more relax environment. But there are still perks I avoid…

For me personally I’ve only used Armor regen two times ever since their first buff and subsequent nerf again, I don’t see the point of using them anymore. Sneaking isn’t even that good most of the time and the regen speed doesn’t justify the potential benefits I could get from the other perks.

It was said the perk was intended to be used for sneaky game play but it’s counter productive because sneaky play isn’t viable there are other more viable perks for semi-sneaking play (full on sneak play is retarded, don’t do it!) like movement speed and increased feeding.
Not to mention pimp slapping a reaver or mammoth bird is a faster and effective alternate to get Armor.

Damage reduction follow second, I used to roll damage reduction on Kraken all the time before the first batch of perk balancing came out. It was really great because it helped teach me when I would be committing too much without the same health loss risk. but now it just doesn’t feel as good as it used to be, I have experimented with the ability on behemoth but they don’t provide the same use as it used to do.

Under appreciated/underrated perks for monster is Smell range and and climb speed, smell range is really good since the inescapable insta-dome became the new meta because it means you can ring a rosie around the map avoiding the trapper until you gain access to stronger abilities and into a favorable terrain to fight in. if by chance hunters get too separated when they are chasing you thinking they can corner you, you can punish them easier and safer since you know where the others will be opening the opportunity for an early incap without the risk of getting domed. sometimes hunters will try to bait you like this.
Be warned!! Slim will still make your life a living hell and your nostrils feel like they’re on fire.
Climb speed is great for countering wall humpers and evading hunters, but they are too situational for most people to use.

For the hunters I’d have to say Damage reduction is my least used perk, I like using everything else and often get very indecisive about which hunter perk to use. So I always go with HP regen when this happens, works wonders super fun when everyone on the team is using it with a Caira+Hank combo. I tried this once just for lolz and surprised at how effective it was.
Jump height is great for bunny hopping across the map, sadly it doesn’t make Daisy bunny hop with you. so that’s why it’s so underrated.

what bunny hopping must feel like when the assault is the one doing it.


For hunters I’d have to say the only one I wouldn’t use is damage bonus, cause I feel like id get more out of capacity, or reload speed.

As for your example damage reduction, sometimes I’ll take it as slim for arena if I’m getting targeted hard, just to give me that bit of survivability long enough for my team to go to town on him

Really depends on which hunter. Capacity is still great on Hank but not so much on Caira anymore since it only gives her 5 nades now. But the worst perk for hunters overall is probably damage increase, movement speed or capacity are way better for assaults :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah movement is unbeneicial for the hunters the only people to benefit from them is the the trapper and Jack because everyone one else moves at walking speed when using their kits.

I wish when using Val’s medgun or some other light non offensive kits for the other hunters didn’t slow them down, it could really make Val and Caira’s life easier and allow them and the team to do more.

@Magik_boom yeah true, at only 10% I believe it doesn’t add up enough to justify the potential overall benefit gained from using something more like reload or capacity.

it would mean that if a bullet did 10 damage per bullet, and you shot 100 of them they would only take 10 less bullets to do the same amount in the clip and time spent.

the only hunter who can benefit from the perk is Lennox when she’s focused on stacking melee damage, changing base damage to like as if it did 1.1> 2.2> 3.3>4.4. for the other hunters its just a lame perk… even buckets don’t use them anymore.

Damage bonus on bucket would destroy wraiths pre 2.0, he’s the only character i used it with.

I avoid armor regen. I don’t believe I have used it once in the game ever.

It is just flat out useless.

Now, if it gave you extra armor per meat eaten, then it would be an awesome perk. as is though, it is not worth taking at all.

like even if it only gave 10% extra armor bar per feed I’d use it for Bob and Anna.

It hard to say which one I avoid when realistically I feel like there is only two perks for each character that is viable.

yea baisically, I was thinkin though like it gives you 1/3 of an armor bar extra per meat, then 2/3 then 1 idk, I’m tired af, imma haveta think about this later.

It’s a shame people don’t think Climb Speed is that viable an option.

I mean, sure. Armor Regen is frikkin’ worthless and outclassed by Feeding Speed.
Jump Height for the Hunters is fairly weak too and that’s even assuming you’re playing one of the very few characters that can actually make good use of it.

But man, try Climb Speed in Broken Hill Mine. It’s heaven.


it really is… esp. for bob. it solves some of his movement issues.

I cant believe so many people picked jump height. Its an amazing perk on trapper and sometimes, sometime medic. I voted for Health Regen and Armor Regen. Both useless in my book. The only saving grace of HR is Arena.

I never really pick this unless I’m trolling but Climb Speed can be really funny at times.

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Health regen is useless :confused:

No, no no.

Health Regen is an amazing perk for any Hunter in a team composition that includes Lazarus.
Lazarus himself can use it (instead of the usual Reload Speed Lazarus) to safely stay outside the dome and will always be at full health when he goes in for the revive. (or fakes it by moving out of the smell range)
For the other Hunters in the team (especially Bucket and Markov who don’t really rely as much on specific perks), Health Regen is a good pick so they don’t force Lazarus into a frustrating position where he has to stay close all the time inbetween domes to heal everyone back to full.

I’ve also been running Health Regen with Slim a lot. The perk is usually not worth picking over Capacity if you have Hank or Sunny, but Health Regen, as selfish a perk as it may seem, can be really, really powerful against an agressive Monster if you know how to practically vanish inside a Spore Cloud.

I don’t play Laz much :stuck_out_tongue:
Also jump boost is the best thing in the world for trolly medics, especially cairas.

I mainly Lazarus as a medic. I use reload speed and jump height for him. The reload speed is usually better but the jump height lets you “swoop” over your team in a dome and do a healburst and still have fuel to dodge.

Health regen and armor reduction. HP regen is only good for last man standing situations and maybe with laz, although a good laz will generally be good at keeping you topped off. It is kind of decent on assaults so they dont need heals when they shield, but the opportunity cost is too great.

Armor regen is outclassed by feeding speed.

Maybe we’ll get a wraith variant that will truly be assassin based that will make it worth picking. I usually pick traversal or cool down for wraith though.

Like decoy duration is increased, damage decreased.

Supernova duration is increased but damage decreased.

Abduction is faster with longer range.

Warp blast has increased range and speed.

Of course with longer cooldowns.

so many people hating on armor regen… i would only pick it on wraith but i play a very aggresive wraith so being in and out of combat multiple times at S1-S3 having a faster armor regen effecttively means more when i engauge i wont lose health because itll be armor theyre eating into instead. besides when im done evolving i have like a bar of armor back by the time the animation is done. may not be much but if they caught me on the evo then thats a tiny buffer that wouldve been health damage so i like it