Monster and Hunter mastery strategy guides

I’ve been working on getting the goliath elite skin and I noticed its a lot harder then getting mastery for the kraken /wraith I need help with the third fire breath star where I need 80k damage to hunters in mid air I got 32k but that alone took me forever to get any tips?

No real tip to give you other than light them up when they fly. That one alone takes a lot of farming. If every match you do at least 1-3K you will have it before you know it.

Make them fly, try to make them stay at a corner, and they will obviously try to jetpack out.


This is actually so true it hurts.

Well, unless you have a hank theres really nothing u can do :confused:

Gotta say goliath mastery is definitely a pain in the ass to get

If you’re looking to farm it outside of actual matchmaking games the method I used was as follows.

Start a defend match. The map isn’t important.
Set the hunters to die instantly when downed.
Change their re-spawn timer to 15-30 secs. Whichever you prefer.
Kill them as fast as possible and stand where they get dropped off and breath fire on them as they fall.
I’m also pretty positive daisy counts towards this while she descends.

You’ll have to learn to time it all properly to get the most out of it while they fall back into the game, but I could net somewhere between 7-10k with this depending on how fast I was able to kill them over and over again and how precisely I timed the fire as they fell.


Thank you grigori that tip helps alot

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Custom Match
Defend on Colonial Water and Power

-Extra Settings-
Favors Monster (Increase Damage-More Fire Damage I believe)
Reinforcement Time: 0:15
Strikes: Infinite
Wildlife Population: High

-Hunter Team-
Medic - Caira (Good at keeping them from dying too quickly)
Support - Bucket (No shielding, no damage amp, less painful)
Trapper - W/e (I went with Abe though)
Assault - W/e (Went with Parnell, Markov might be the better choice)

Goliath of course. Took Cooldown Perk so Fire Breath is up faster. Damage ‘may’ work, I suppose. 3 Point Fire Breath.

So the best spot I’ve found is right here (Image Below). Just destroy the other generators as fast as you can and make your way here, the faster they’re destroyed, the more time you’ll have.

Note: Leave the Turrets by the ship generator alone so the minions are killed off quickly. If the Hunters move off to attack the minions, walk over to them once minions are dead to aggro them back. Also, try standing by the edge and not move to the back much. Bucket might toss a sentry or two up there when he flies up so destroy them so you can live longer. You can also find the 50% Cooldown buff on the map, which helps. : P You can also work on mid-air rock throw here. Kraken’s stuff as well. That’s how to cheese through mastery.



Hope that helps you out. Or anyone. Good luck!


Nice thanks for the guide

I know that my post is isn’t about Flame Breath (going to try out K2Ezran’s tip), but… any suggestions for Charge and Rock Throw? :s

(they never group up for charge ;~;)

Took me 3 hours for those two just do what k2 did but throw rocks at them before they climb up and the charge shoudnt need explaining that one’s pretty easy

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No problem. Glad I could help.

If you (or anyone) need any more Mastery tips for almost anyone, be sure to let me know. I have pretty much every Hunter elite from, er… Grinding solo matches pretty much so I could maybe give more tips for others depending on who it is. Monsters as well; Kraken I finished not long ago. As for Wraith, haven’t played it much but I’m sure I can find something quickly if need be. Just ask if you want anyone else. I had fun making that short guide.

Can you make a kraken guide that’s the next one ima grind and the wraiths definitely easy to get mastery but the 225 abduction s for the third star for abduction takes a bit

I sure can. Any tier in specific? Or simply all of them? I remember pretty much doing that one on the same map so it shouldn’t be long.

As for Wraith. I’ll try and do that later during the day. I’ll get Kraken done first.

It’ll be cut down in a patch. There’s a lot of things they say are taking players too long and will be adjusted.

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You should make you’re own thread for that to btw might be more helpfull then posting it in here!

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Awesome. Good to know. 'couse yes, there’s a lot that are quite difficult and pretty much require this type of grinding.


Good idea. Thanks. I will ‘if’ I manage to get a few more done.

Wish I’d have known about this spot or stumbled on it myself.
This looks way better than my method.

Flame breath was the thing I got maxed out the first every time.

I usually bring the fight to caves where they end up bunching up. use fire breath and you’ll end up catching a good amount of them on fire while they are in the air.