Monster and Hunter Health Statistics


I was just wondering how much health characters have? For example, there is a perk hunters can have that regenerates health per second (think it’s 15/30/45). Can anyone tell me exactly how much health each character has? 300-600 health for hunters? 10,000 health for Goliath? Would be nice to know these things if possible :slight_smile:

EDIT - Also would be nice to know how much health the shields have (from Hank and the Assaults).


Would love to know too.


A Hunter, by default, has 1600 HP. This value is insignificant, though, as perks modify it in some really crazy ways.

Say, 35% reduced damage renders your effective health 2160.


So all hunters have the same total health? Thought that different classes might have different health amounts. Oh well, still good to know if that is true.


Yeah, all of them have the same health values.


I don’t think the devs are going to post monster health values, because they are still not quite happy with them.
If I understood it correctly.


Stage 1 goliath has 8000 health and up to 5k armour and 5 health bars and 10 armour bars so each health bar seems to be 1600 the same health as a hunter.
So if the armour and health values stay the same you can guess what armour and health each monster has.

Goliath health/armor bars stage 1: 5 health(8000), 10 armor stage 2: 8 health(12800), 10 armor stage 3: 10 health(16000), 10 armor (5000 armour)
Kraken health/armor bars stage 1: 5 health, 8 armor stage2: 8 health, 8 armor stage 3: 9 (14400)health, 8 armor(4000 armour)
Wraith health/armor bars Stage 1: 4(6400) health, 5 armor Stage 2: 6(9600) health, 5 armor Stage 3: 8(12800) health. 5 armor (2500 armour)

This is a guesstimate the wraith could quite possibly have a lower armour/health to bar ratio


So one healthbar is 1600 HP
One bar of armor is 800

I want all the numbers… knowing the numbers is good.


One bar of armour appears to be 500 not 800 but thats based on Goliath stage 1


Macmans stated that armor is 400 per bar, in the behemoth revealed thread


He also stated that Goliath can have up to 5000 armour and goliaths have 10 bars of armour so he mistyped in one thread

Or armour bar values are different depending on the monster


This is the part where a Dev needs to post so we can know for sure :wink: hint hint


Armor bars are dependent on Monster because of the health the monster has. Basically the length of an armor bar is 1/2 proportional to the health. For instance, if 1 inch of health equals 2,000 health, 1 inch of armor would = 1,000 armor.


so as of right now, the numbers are not solid yet. I bet that discrepancy is coming from time (date) the posts were made - adjustments with time. I’ll wait for them then until release.