Monster Anatomy?


I’m tired of seeing all of the op threads made by the new players, and the threads that are talking about this game getting rammed by 4 chans /v/.
So lets actually talk about something that’s not depressing!
Shocking, right? So, will there be any word of official anatomy layouts of the monsters? I’m really interested in seeing how say, the Wraith makes a copy of herself, or the Kraken flies. Or maybe how does Goliath take damage from fire, when you would think his skin would have developed a resistance to it since he can spew it from his gullet.

Most importantly, what do YOU think?

Keep in mind, this threads mainly just for faffing about and making discussion. This isn’t a thread to talk about balancing and whatnot. There’s other threads for that.


Lost my wins on my monster I have my time played and my distance traveled though pretty pissed about it because i had over 50 wins


Are…are you lost buddy? That does suck though.


Sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Oh and a little chemical x.


Yep it’s all in my activity feed i even posted a video of me being number 1 in my region then 10 minutes later it happened