Monster Anatomy 101: A Review


…by a 3-year old.

I was researching some artwork for a project I’m working on and my daughter wanted to see what book I was reading. :monster:


That’s amazing :+1:


Too sweet… I’m developing diabetes… Need insulin shot.


I would have loved to hear her answer as to how the wraith sees without eyes, but that would be getting more into physiology wouldn’t it? :wink:



I’ll ask her when she gets out of the bath and let you know what she says. :wink:


You’re lucky. All my brother does is watch Sesame Street. Granted he’s 1 but still.


I have seen Frozen so many times I started to hate it. I can no longer enjoy The Lion King. My wife and I have seen Curious George so many times that we have analyzed all of the background characters and why they constantly leave a troublesome monkey unattended. This isn’t counting the number of books we have read over and over and over. :smile:

But I do like the fact that she isn’t afraid of the monsters and that she likes to watch me play (and pretend to play herself).


Aww, super cute! Thanks for sharing.


She said “I don’t know!” shrug “She has no eyes.”


How could you live somebody knowing full well that they are a wraith main?
Jk, that was hilarious. Best anatomy lesson I’ve ever received.



It’s gotten to the point where I’m singing theme songs involuntarily.


She doesn’t use decoy. :wink:




+1 that was a nice little video


I salute you and your daughter :bucket_salute:


OMG 2 ADORABLE AGH im dying from cuteness


She’s adorable! You sir are raising your child right,


Even children know to pick Wraith!


Hold on I need to call in an Orbital Strike on something to reclaim my manliness.


Thanks for sharing that little cute moment with your daughter :wink: