Monster always host?


Every game the monster is host, is it ment to be like that, if so I love it, I always had lag delay when I played as monster from being in a far away country and would always die so I quit evolve for a while until gorgon came out. the new host system seems great having monster as always host, because the monster needs the good connection, because lag delay from being in a far away country does not effect hunters to much with there spray and pray area of effect equipment. hunters still stand a chance with delay but monster doesn’t so I love this new system if that’s the case, that’s why I have been enjoying this game again.


I feel like it is, not positive on this though. I made the suggestion many moons ago and it seems to have been taken. To me, Hunters can live with lag, there’s four of them to compensate. Monsters have a single player where four of his abilities rely on perfect connection 90% of the time.

I’d say it is, not positive though. You’d have to ask a Dev.

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Very good point and I hope it stays like this and it’s not just a coincidence every game there host.


@MaddCow would you confirm this. I don’t know who else to ask.


This is not true, I can attest to that.


On Xbox I have played 17 games in a row and I’m always host as monster and when I’m hunter there host.


On PC the last several thousand games I’ve played as monster in MM, I was not hosting.


Maybe it’s only for Xbox or a bug or big coincidence. I love it at the moment any way, monster needs good connection if your in a far country from host its not fair.


See the thing is that this makes Hunters suffer badly. Monster hosting is better than hunters hosting, yes- because while hunter lag is a large disadvantage, monster lag makes the game literally unplayable, but neither option is ideal.


It just doesn’t effect hunters as much the delay with there weapons and equipment, there area of effect most of it and the monsters a large target to shoot, so 200 or so mila second delay does not matter to much, but monster it does you can’t even melee as the monster with that. monster struggles much more like 10shredder said with the monsters abilitys most of them need good connection.


As someone who plays a tonne of monster and hunter, and most of it with high ping, I do agree. But again, finding a happy middleground would be preferable.


Local search preferences like black ops 1 or 2 could be a good option.


It already prefers local matches, but with sooo few players it has no choice really.


I wouldn’t mind waiting ages for a match, just to find some local people instead of losing because of it. Because it can’t find local people, it just puts you in a far away country, but when it does what if 1 local person just came on and started searching when it just put me in a game and you can’t quit the laggy game, you have to stay in it or get a 10 minute penalty I think it is.


I’ve played a game where my hunter party had low ping, and monster was at 300+. Actually, I’ve had a few games like this. I don’t think the monster always gets to host.


Weird indeed for me, 24 games monster has been host so far. I’m playing in skilled matchmaking, not quick play and it takes averagely 10 minutes to find people.


I have been in a lobby where 1 player was always host, no matter who was monster and the 4 of us all had a ping of 300+ms. I quit after the 3rd game.
I agree to some extent that the Monster should be preffered host since he makes 100% of his team while each hunter is only 25%. Still, dodging is insanly diffucult and forget about hiting with a Railcanon. Maybe it would be better to find a server in the middle?


Can confirm from ps4, monster is not host.


Xbox monster not always the host

I’ve had a match against 1000 ms monster player in Hunt 2.0


Does anybody know how the game chooses the host?

Although I host almost all the time, I played a match of ranked hunt (as monster) and had a ping over 250. Needless to say, the match was unplayable.