Monster Alternative Skill Sets

What if you could decide what the 4 skills of the monsters are? Well post your ideas here! It can be anything from 1 skill to an entire skill set.
Note that these are only the skills, not traversals, armor/health, design, etc. You can change the entire playstyle though!
Here is mine for Goliath, I might make one for the other 3 later.
Hellfire Goliath
Focuses on close range attacks and fire attacks.
Skill 1 Rage: Goliath’s fist burst into flames boosting melee damage for a short time. While in use, other skills can not be used, and traversal is canceled, but movement speed stays the same. Leveling up increases damage and decreases cooldown.
Skill 2 Napalm Breath: Unlike Fire breath which has a stream of fire, napalm breath creates a big wave of heat that dies low damage, but creates a long lasting DoT. The wave is of medium size, allowing to hit multiple targets. Moves similar to vortex but slower and it falls. Leveling up increases size of wave and damage.
Skill 3 Grapple: Goliath charges down a narrow path, and then grabs a hunter if they get in the way. Unlike charge which knocks several people away, grapple grabs a single hunter, doing initial damage, and then carries them doing damage during the duration of the ability. Great for singling out a hunter or chasing after a lone survivor. Leveling up increases range and decreases cool down.
Skill 4 Flame Pulse: Goliath charges up a Shockwave of fire knocking back nearby hunters and dealing fire damage while applying a DoT. Works in a sphere, affecting any hunter in the area. The damage is low but applies a DoT. Leveling up increases AoE amd damage.


That’s cool though this has been said before and it would be hard to give every monster a 2nd set of ability’s

This isn’t for actual being implemented in the game.
This is simply for fun. :slight_smile:

2 DoT ability’s? You know DoT stuff like fire and poison gets removed once a hunter gets shielded once right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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So? :stuck_out_tongue: <ajjajajj

Am I the only one that’s confused by the alternative charge, grapple

No. :stuck_out_tongue:
I just made it up since I ran out of ideas.
Now, someone else post their ideas!

Meh. Guess I have an idea for a single skill for goliath.

Lunge?, Leap attack?: Leap in a direction, if you collide in mid-air with a hunter, grab him and smash him into the ground upon reaching your destination.

Sounds hard to aim,
well here’s one for kraken’s banshee mines
???, a ball of energy that pulls the hunters into it doing damage to them if they collide into eachother, last for two or three seconds and can be used in combination with lightning strike to do serious reliable damage

Eh, if it didn’t aim like leap smash and jumps currently do and instead showed something similar to the aiming cylinder for abduction (but curved to account for gravity) it could work better.

Yeah but you’d also have to wait for a hunter to fly into the air in front of you

Well I would prefer them to be on the ground where I can punch them rather than up in the air. If they attempt to scale a cliff, you could put an end to that attempt. If they jetpack off a cliff, you could attempt to use it to pursue them, depending on the angle. And you could collide with them while you are mid-air and they are on top of something. And I suppose you could potentially use it like a leap smash that has far less of an AOE.

Maybe if it worked in the air and on the ground it’d be good, that was probably your intention all along, and it’d be different because it is a more specific leap smash

It would be weird to have the goliath have a mid air jump so I dunno, but maybe he could just grab on to someone on the way down.

I think it’d be cool, be like a grab slam

@Bear_Stream what did you think of my kraken alternative

How did I post that to the wrong topic? My apologies good people!!

Liked the grapple idea. It gave me a idea for a ability called…


When standing by a hunter (8 meters?) you can grab them and throw them in a desired direction. Grabbing and aiming does no damage, damage is inflicted upon landing, and whatever you land on. So you can be thrown out of combat for a sec with damage or be thrown at a teammate for both of you to be damaged. Maybe be thrown into a tyrant if monsters picks the battlefield well.

Down side is while grabbing and aiming you can’t move or melee. So like rock throw, but with hunters

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Huddle its a cool idea but with krakens ability set as is ( long distance) that would be way OP. A hunter that can’t move is a dead hunter. No ifs ands or buts lol

Yeah, very true, maybe if it lasted for a shorter period of time, also I was think of a small area of affect, like only slightly bigger than a banshee mine, so it’d be hard to get all 4 hunter, or 5 if there’s daisy

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I like it, sounds great, doesn’t sound like there’s anything wrong with it at all