Monster ai


Ok so whenever you play as a hunter and medic the monster ai ONLY targets you and doesn’t stop attacking until you’re dead and if any hunters try to revive you monster comes by knocks them away and THEN kills you fully it’s difficult to fight an ai monster as a medic like slim


So the monster AI was smart like a human being for once and you’d like to nerf the monster AI so you can live?


Well, with AI Goliath is an living hell, especially that insane rock throw, even the dev who deals with AI said that he will be checking AI Goliath, a good player will always aim for the medics first, but land a rock throw perfectly almost everytime( even when the hunter is behind it) and every melee is pretty crazy, but the other AI monsters are fine.


No it’s not that it’s like a level 9 cpu on smash bros it has better logic that REAL competitive smash players literally I have been killed by ai goliath combos 50+ times I am playing a match right now and me a assault and trapper fell and he picked me and only hit me ONLY ME THE MEDIC plus he led up with infinite combos and its a living nightmare playing as a medic against a goliath


And to add to my previous comment even when I use spore cloud directly on monster and then hide he 100% finds me and only hunts me and is permanently hooked on to me I can’t run I can’t hide I can’t kill him I can’t be revived I can’t get help In anyway shape form or ANYTHING


So it’s focusing like it should be doing? ^.-


Honestly it’s not whenever I play against any monster other than goliath it’s fine but I pick goliath NOPE.AVI it’s permanently attacking me until I’m dead it doesn’t stop when I’m incap. It thirsts for the medics meat and blood and won’t stop until you’re FULLY DEAD


That’s a good thing… They should be focusing the healer.



No but still it won’t stop attacking literally I just it fixed so that it doesn’t only pick medic and could try to pick a assault for once I’m not asking for nerf just better AI so it will actually be FAIR for medic (I main medic so it kinda makes me mad)


What do you do if/when a player controlled Goliath targets you the medic with similar or greater persistence?


so much this

if u die vs a monster ai… than u got way way more problems.

i can live vs monster ai (especially goliath) 2 min+ lol


if your using spore cloud on AI your doing it wrong, not to mention your using slim you can heal yourself the most depending on your perks, the only thing spore cloud does against AI is remove his target priority and it takes a bit to actually work you should work on your jet pack mechanics, your assault should also stay realitively close to goliath so he can take a rock for you with the personal shield if your getting low also.


I actually can run from human but not ai goliath


The only reason I use spore cloud is for mastery. But I’m used to using spore cloud in domes because when I play aginst a human im usually hitting near/at him a lot but even when I use leech it’s still difficult


That’s either to do with bad AI hunter team mates esp support not cloaking/shielding/distracting the AI goliath, or Goliaths preferring prioritising support or just terrible Goliaths in general. I assume you were talking about solo mode with AI hunters and monster.


Yeah exactly like when I’m grinding for elite as medic on solo


whats difficult ? spore cloud is cloak 2.0 so long as you keep the monster in it and play accordingly when i play with my friends i hardly ever need to heal because spore cloud gives enough advantage against human players.


Just found something else the only ai that seems to be weird and has aimbot is ONLY GOLIATH he literally has aimbot and for some odd reason he never misses and when I play against behemoth kraken and wraith it’s fun and good but an ai goliath NOPE.AVI he does more damage never misses and he can apparently hit through walls yes he CAN HIT THROUGH SOLID ROCK METAL AND ANYTHING I’m currently playing a match and I’m behind a rock and some how while he’s BEHIND THE ROCK I get hit and killed FROM A LEVEL 1 ROCK THROW


And another thing I got hit by a level one rock throw and got killed WITH NO STRIKES I honestly don’t get why goliath is the most BROKEN AI IN THE GAME he I physically can’t play against a AI goliath due to him being broken when I see that I leave no matter what because I CANT KILL HIM OR GET DAMAGE OFF