Monster AI needs a complete rewrite


The monsters and minions go exclusively for the medic 100% of the time. There’s no need for strategy or cooperation or anything, Assault, support and trapper can stand touching the monster and just unload bullets in it’s back and it will still climb up and down the same wall 50 times just to get at the medic. If you get a player who’s even halfway decent at dodging it just makes things less than fun.

I feel like this could be fixed by just making the monster target the nearest unshielded enemy. If the medic boosts across the map rather than have the monster waste the time going over and climbing up then turning around to go back and climb back up, why not just make him attack the nearest enemy that he can actually hit?


The hunter AI needs a rework before. Monster you will never lose to an AI hunter team if you have any skill what so ever, monster AI can prove itself depending on what characters and how the team works


I think the Monster only goes for the Medic if it’s Lazarus. Otherwise it might prioritize the Medic but will ocasionally lash out at other nearby Hunters who prove themselves to be good at defending the Medic.
They also target the Trapper when they want to get out.

My main problem with the bots is that they absolutely suck at feeding. If an AI Monster lost its armor in a dome you already won the game because the Monster will then constantly have a weird cycle of escaping, stopping to kill wildlife despite the fact that the Hunters are right behind the corner, but then running off again instead of eating it.
They only actually get their armor back up when you let them escape.