Monster AI in co-op is bad


Monsters running into walls and standing still, also instead of running the opposite direction they run towards the Hunters


Edited title for clarity.

I agree, that definitely sounds terrible. Really hope the AI is touched up if this is the case.


Its terrible no sugar coating it. You’ll be happy to know that they seem to be continuously trying to improve the AI (atleast, last time i played coop, the monster behaved far smarter than on release)


They plan on improving AI


Wasn’t this update suppose to improve the AI?


No, I think it’s next update. But what do I know?


I like how the Monster throws a rock on the assault, uses leapsmash on medic, then traversels to Support and finishes it off with another traversel to the trapper.


Tactics aside, it just stopping in place for several seconds and eating orbitals in the process is certainly not a sign of a good ai. That said, it hardly ever misses me with its Rock Throw, so it kinda evens out :smiley:


Some of the issues with the AI seem to be general fight or flight priorities and targeting patterns, but the really bad ones are just straight up bugs. Monster standing still. Monster getting stuck in a loop of meleeing the air as it tries to walk away after a dome. Monster doubling back directly into you while you’re chasing it. Hopefully those will get fixed sooner.


AI seems a bit better now


AI is getting better. Devs said they started over from scratch which is why they behave a little wonky at times.

One thing I have noticed in last few games is if you let monster hit stage 3 and go to relay he can never get up the courage to attack it. He moves in, gets shot a bit and runs for armor over and over and over dragging the game out forever and finally losing by getting timed out.

@snowkissed Hopefully that gets addressed along with the times he gets tired and stands there while you shoot his face taking a break.


yea the AI improved… monsters are faster now and can get away. especially wraiths movement seems pretty good.


They added Wraith AI? It’s not cute Goliath only anymore?


Goliath is still in it